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Gp 2, 117 Stirling Highway, Nedlands
Perth, Western Australia

Company Profile

mCloud Technology Corp are a Global supplier of Asset Care solutions, designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of Process Industries (Oil & Gas, MMM, Chemical, Life Sciences, Manufacturing), Buildings Management and Wind Energy.
We focus on improvements in Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Compliance and Business Goals
We achieve this in the Oil & Gas Industries through…..
AssetCareTM Enterprise - offers Digitisation Solutions for Process Industry Operations, Safety, Maintenance and Business that positively impact our clients business through improvements in safety, productivity, less down time, less unplanned events, better preparation and planning. The right information in the right hands at the right time leading to more timely and better informed decision making.
AssetCareTM 3D Reality Capture offers Digital Twin replicating the physical environment with dimensional accuracy.
Equipment Tags and linkages to P & ID (optional). Also linked to AssetCareTM Enterprise for reporting and used by Mobile Worker for special awareness, access route planning and equipment location
AssetCareTM Mobile Worker - Clear vision of the field for remote support staff, instant access to documentation, digitised workflows, instantly connect remotely to subject matter experts, all whilst in the field.
mCloud are one of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies, is currently listed on the TSX-V and OTCQB and is on a path to list on the NASDAQ. We have over 300 employees at 14 offices in 7 countries around the world.
In APAC we have our regional office in Perth and other offices in Singapore & Jakarta