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Unico Australia
3/553 Boundary Road
Darra, Queensland

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Unico is a leader in the innovation of drive products for the exploration and production of oil and gas. Applications for Unico engineered drives for oil and gas production include sucker-rod pumps, progressing cavity pumps and electric submersible pumps.

Unico’s Linear Rod Pump LRP® is a revolutionary concept in sucker-rod artificial lift systems. Variable-speed control, simple mechanics and industry leading control software in a compact, lightweight, unobtrusive solution with significant cost and performance advantages over traditional approaches. The LRP® system incorporates Unico’s patented SRP sucker-rod pump control software to optimize production while protecting the pumping system. Sophisticated variable speed control achieves motion profiles that are impossible through mechanical means. Pump fill is optimally regulated by independently adjusting upstroke and downstroke speeds. The control also provides data reporting, surface and downhole dynamometer plotting, remote access capability, embedded PLC, automatic fault restarting and more.

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