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Unit 6, 6-8 Eastspur Crt
Kilsyth, Victoria

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BARTEC’s intrinsically safe mobile solutions are Ex certified and rated for use in hazardous areas, enabling companies to make major improvements in efficiency, productivity and safety.
Mobile devices are increasingly critical in the industrial workplace. Pixavi Phone and Pixavi Cam with IECEx certifications for zone 1/21 areas are Sleek, Elegant, Rugged Android smart devices. The Pocket Friendly Tablet.
Agile tablet PC saves time, enables access to the office out on site, increases productivity whilst reducing costs. Certified for zone 0 – 2 areas including group 1 for underground Coal Mining.
Our extensive range of automation solutions include popular Zebra mobile computer scanners modified for use in hazardous areas with IECEx certificates.
Intrinsically safe Wi-Fi access point enclosures for zone 1 areas keep you up to date with real time connectivity.
BARTEC also offer hazardous area motors, control connection equipment, heat trace, lighting etc.