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Harness Energy
1/45 Alexandra Place
Murrarie, Queensland

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Harness is a specialist supplier of Training, Personnel & Consulting services. Everything we do is about Realising Potential. When it comes to the oil and gas industry, Harness prides itself on being a specialist and innovative provider of these services. We currently deliver an ever-expanding scope of sophisticated training derived from client and industry consultation such as technical drilling and well control programs, safety and induction training, & competency and qualification training. This training is carried out using innovative technology such as our Endeavour drilling simulator, which inserts state of art technology and innovations into the learning curve to mitigate injuries, damages, and human errors that result in costly downtime. Harness’ labour supply services focus on providing energetic, talented and respected industry experts that are looking to make a difference wherever they go and in whatever they do. Our expertise is in finding and delivering stand out candidates every time – whether it is for a permanent position, a contractor role or an executive search situation. After all, we are your partner for people, consulting, training and competency services.

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