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Quanty Pty Ltd
PO Box 255
Kippa-Ring, Queensland

Company Profile

We research the background and limitations of equipment integrity assessment practices, and develop new integrity management tools for a better and compliant budget control.
We provide intelligent interface between contractors and client teams, to enable a confident decision making in RBI, NII, FFS. Our flagship projects are:
1) CoRBI® is the new generation Cost-of-Risk Based inspection planning methodology:
• Achieve the ‘incredible’ – true failure probabilities of pressure equipment due to corrosion, expressed in terms of risk cost and fatality expectancy versus time
• Perform custom statistical analysis of corrosion data to see data anomalies and improvement requirements
• This is a new RBI method based on science and practicality for realistic life estimates
2) AIM data® is our web-based Integrity Data Management System (IDMS)
• Instant and seamless inspection data exchange (site to office) via internet browser
• Our registered design of a novel, user friendly database interface, come and see it in action

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