The Voice – Zoe Yujnovich, Chair, APPEA

14 February 2019

What have been the key highlights for the industry in the past 12 months?

We made a concerted effort this past year to recognise the importance of external advocacy of our industry’s issues. We have made this possible through the formation of an advocacy group within APPEA. I’m sure many of you will have seen the excellent work of the consumer advocacy and information program, Brighter. One important aspect the industry must unite behind is to ensure that we maintain and grow our social licence to operate. As an industry we have a fundamental obligation to provide value to the Australian people.  It has been pleasing to see that domestic customers have had access to a reliable supply of gas at reasonable prices.  Progress with LNG projects, particularly newer projects like Ichthys and Prelude, has seen Australia go a step closer to being the world’s largest producer of LNG – something of which we should be immensely proud. 

What issues do you think senior managers in the oil and gas industry need to keep abreast of in the coming year?

Projects in our industry rely on ongoing large investments simply to keep operating.  As managers we must concentrate on providing value to both the Australian people and investors by making sure everything we do is cost effective.  We face the constant challenge of operating in remote locations and the vast distances between projects and customers.  In this context we must look for collaboration opportunities, while reducing waste.  Because this how we will provide a return to investors as profits, and as a result make a contribution to the nation through taxes and royalties.

As the Chairman of APPEA and as Executive Vice President of Shell for Australia & New Zealand, how do you think individual companies can maximise their time at the industry’s flagship event at APPEA 2019?

The APPEA conference is a good opportunity to meet people from both competitors and service providers, and explore what collaboration opportunities exist.  Plenary, current and smaller booth sessions, provide a chance to hear about best practice from projects that may be thousands of kilometers away, but face similar challenges.  Both informal discussions and presentations can help us make our projects more attractive to investors.

Zoe Yujnovich will present the APPEA Chair’s Address during the opening plenary session ‘Navigating the Future’ on Tuesday 28 May, 8.30am – 10.15am

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