The Voice – Ian Davies, CEO, Senex

19 March 2018

Q: What are your predictions for the industry in 2018? 

Given the last few years in our industry I now try to avoid making firm predictions! However, it is very difficult not to be optimistic about the industry’s future. We are seeing constructive oil markets and strengthening LNG demand, promoting investment confidence.

In domestic gas markets growth is back on the agenda. We are seeing more investment in new gas developments which is positive for increased supply. I also think we’ll continue to hear about LNG imports and projects such as these should be welcomed, as ultimately more gas supply is good for Australia and Australians.


Q: How can the gas industry ensure longevity in the energy mix?

Access to resources will be crucial not only to the longevity of our industry, but also to enable continued affordable supply to the millions of gas users across the country. I would argue that here in Australia we have enough natural resources to meet our needs at an appropriate price point, but we are operating in an environment where not all state and territory governments support gas exploration and development.

Secondly, when access is available the industry must focus on developing those resources as efficiently as possible.

It goes without saying that collaboration across the industry – producers and users – can deliver real value. What’s also important is that we inform and educate communities on the social and environmental benefits of a thriving gas industry.


Q: What makes APPEA such an important event on the industry calendar? 

APPEA’s annual conference represents a collective investment in our industry’s future. It’s our chance to collaborate, educate, and create value.

Just as the industry continues to diversify, so does APPEA’s audience. By introducing a high school education program we are giving a younger audience insight into the exciting career opportunities available in oil and gas, and the chance to consider how they might contribute to a lower carbon future with gas in the energy mix.


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