The Voice – Andrew McConville, APPEA

22 May 2019

Andrew McConville, Chief Executive, APPEA

The result of Australia’s Federal election surprised many. What’s your hope as the Morrison government returns to power?

After a volatile period in Australian politics we really need some stability. The debate over energy and climate policy has been too ideological. We need a stable policy environment that delivers certainty for business looking to invest. This can only be done by a stable, national policy that can be supported by government, business and the community.

Industry must play a role here. We have to come forward with a constructive approach that can put to bed the confusion that has prevailed for almost a decade. We hope to sit down and talk to the government and settle a clear policy platform that enables Australians to enjoy the benefits of our abundant natural resources and manage the transition to a lower carbon economy.

In doing so, we can’t forget the critical role natural resources play in underpinning our economic well-being and that hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs rely on a reliable, affordable gas supply.

You are just in your second month as APPEA’s CEO. What are your priorities in taking the association forward?

Policy is really important, and our work in this space will always be critical, but our industry has to participate in wider discussions with the community about what we do and why it matters. We need a stronger, louder voice in public debate, but we need to listen as well. Society’s expectations of business are changing and perceptions about our performance really matter. 

APPEA has to be a voice for our industry but a thought leader too, with a collaborative approach and a clear narrative. We cannot sit on the sidelines of the debate and expect change to happen.

As an industry we are clearly part of the solution, but we need to articulate this more effectively and across more forums, to counter the view that we are part of the problem. 

APPEA has a big role to play here, and to do it effectively we have to better connect with our members, our customers, government, other industries and the community.

This of course is your first APPEA Conference. What are your expectations?

With over 2000 people attending, I’m really looking forward to meeting many more people in the industry and understanding their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities we face. I’m keen to hear first-hand from others on what they expect from APPEA, and find where we can work together to navigate the future.

We’ve got some great speakers and presenters, political leaders and policy makers, and hundreds of companies from right around the global industry.

It should be a great week.

Andrew McConville and the entire APPEA team will be onsite for the APPEA 2019 Conference and Exhibition.

Andrew will deliver the CEO Closing Address during the final plenary session on Thursday 30 May, 2.30pm-4.15pm

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