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Note: The electronic program below is the most up to date source of program information – last updated on 18 April 2018 and subject to change. The APPEA 2018 Mobile App will be released in late April & will also contain the program.

In a market that is experiencing the most disruptive period in a generation, the APPEA 2018 Conference Program will drive in-depth discussion and debate for the industry and its leaders with the theme – Resilient Business – Success in the New Energy Market.

International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us. Combined with an array of business networking events, APPEA 2018 is the place to form new partnerships and strengthen existing  ones.

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14 May
11:00 am 7:00 pm
Conference Registration Open
Foyer F

Join your fellow delegates and collect your registration packs prior to attending the opening Welcome Reception at 6.00pm.

12:00 pm 4:00 pm
Cycle Tour
ACC Main Entry

There is no better way to see the beautiful sights of Adelaide whilst making new contacts than the APPEA 2018 Cycle Tour.

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1:00 pm 5:00 pm
PESA Deal Day

The Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) ‘Deal Day’ Seminar is the annual showcase for acreage and farm-in opportunities in Australia and the neighboring region in a presented papers format.

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2:00 pm 6:00 pm
Site Tour – ‘Innovation and Excellence’

On this pre-conference site visit, delegates will have the opportunity to explore three very unique facilities in Adelaide: Innovation District at Tonsley,  the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE), and  the world-class South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.

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Brought to you by the Government of South Australia

6:00 pm 9:00 pm
Welcome Reception

You had me at Merlot

Whilst for many great relationships it’s ‘You Had Me at Hello’, when it comes to introducing great food & wine regions, South Australia you had us at Merlot!

Join us for the first official social function of APPEA 2018 as we showcase the best local wines and produce the festival state has to offer. The perfect setting to get a taste of the quality networking the next 3 days will deliver with a side of stunning views, unique South Australian flavours and some fun and frivolity into the mix.

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15 May
7:30 am 8:20 am
Presenters' Breakfast

By Invitation Only

In recognition of the valuable contribution to the conference program, all presenters are invited to this breakfast. A great opportunity to meet fellow presenters and gain a valuable technical & audio visual briefing prior to presenting.

7:30 am 5:00 pm
Conference Registration
Foyer F
8:00 am 6:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Exhibition
Exhibition Hall

Take a step into the showcase that is the APPEA 2018 Exhibition, as the full supply chain for the oil and gas industry is on show.

View the current exhibitor listings

Information on becoming an exhibitor...

8:00 am 6:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Poster Presentations
Exhibition Hall

The APPEA conference technical program incorporates an extensive poster series displayed in the exhibition hall.

Come along and join us for the ‘Meet the Authors’ event in the poster presentation area from 3:15pm to 6:00pm on Tuesday 15 May where the authors will be available to discuss their work.

View the current poster presentation listing

8:00 am 6:00 pm
KPMG Meeting Zone
Exhibition Hall

Need a private meeting with your client? APPEA in partnership with KPMG delivers the KPMG Meeting Zone – a custom made section of the exhibition floor delivering the ideal place to meet in hourly segments, with two private meeting zones.  Available for bookings in advance and/or onsite.

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8:30 am 10:15 am
PLENARY SESSION: Resilient business – success in the new energy market
The opening session of APPEA 2018 focuses on the conference theme, ‘Resilient Business – Success in the New Energy Market’, and will feature an opening high-level addresses from the Australian Government, a post-election address from a South Australian state political leader and the APPEA Chair, Ms Zoe Yujnovich. Combined with a lead industry address featuring Mr Kevin Gallagher, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Santos. The opening session will deliver a ‘not to be missed’ event that will set the scene for three days of in depth discussion and debate as the industry considers what it takes to be a resilient business in the new energy market – a market experiencing the most disruptive period in a generation.
South Australia State Government Address
Australian Government Address
Lead Industry Address
Kevin Gallagher, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Santos Ltd
APPEA Chair’s Address
Zoe Yujnovich, Chairman, APPEA
10:15 am 11:00 am
Morning Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Take the opportunity to network, view the poster display and peruse the exhibition whilst enjoying morning tea in the Exhibition Hall.

11:00 am 12:30 pm
PLENARY SESSION: Energy transformation – the future is now
The global energy system is in a period of unprecedented transformation. This transformation is driven by the falling cost of cleaner energy sources, the rise of new and growing sources of demand on Australia’s doorstep in Asia, and the growth (and resilience) of the US shale industry. 80% of the projected growth in gas demand takes place in developing economies, led by China, India and other countries in Asia. This growth reflects the versatility and flexibility of gas as an energy source and its cleaner burning properties, vital as energy-related greenhouse gas emissions must fall and developing countries must address widespread concerns over air quality. How does the industry succeed as this transformation occurs, meeting the needs of our own markets in Australia and also the growing energy needs in our region? What role innovation and technology in improving industry’s adaptability and resilience? What role government policy, both in Australia and around the world? And how does the industry respond? How does it see the future and what is it doing to succeed?
The following speakers will provide perspectives, drawing on their extensive industry experience, to provide a headline session concluding with a truly international panel discussion.
FACILITATOR: Ms Wendy King, President Australia East, ConocoPhillips Australia
Competing options for energy transformation: Implications for Australia
Amy Myers Jaffe, David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment, Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change at the Council on Foreign Relations
Shaping our shared energy advantage
Nigel Hearne, Managing Director, Chevron Australia
Unlocking Australia’s energy future
Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO
The next wave of LNG growth
Peter Coleman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Woodside
12:30 pm 2:00 pm
Networking Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

All delegates are invited to enjoy lunch in the exhibition halls as you explore the exhibits that represent the leading producers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry.

Sponsorship available

12:30 pm 2:00 pm
APPEA Members' Lunch

By Invitation Only – Unique Member Benefit

Senior representatives from the full industry supply chain take the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the oil and gas business in this exclusive luncheon for APPEA member companies

2:00 pm 3:15 pm
Significant reliability improvements in reciprocating gas compressor packages at Arrow Energy
P Parulekar, R Hudson and H Boyd (Arrow Energy)
Predictions of fracture growth in Walloon coals using a layer fracture model
X Zhang, B Wu, L Connell (CSIRO Energy) and Y Han (Aramco Services Company)
Low permeability coal seam gas productivity enhancement by nitrogen alternating injection technique (an adsorption simulation study)
H Nguyen, M Sayyafzadeh and M Haghighi (University of Adelaide)
CONCURRENT SESSION 2: Big picture basins
Australia's premier shale basin: 5 plays 1,000,000,000 years in the making
A Cote, B Richards, C Altman, E Baruch and D Close (Origin Energy)
Unveiling the Canning Basin: a new comprehensive SEEBASE® study
K Connors, C Jorand (Frogtech Geoscience), P Haines, A Zhan (Geological Survey of Western Australia) and L Pryer (Frogtech Geoscience)
Insights into the Great Australian Bight gained through marine geology and benthic ecology studies
A Ross (CSIRO Energy), A Williams (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere), A Talukder (CSIRO Energy), J Parr (CSIRO Minerals), C Trefry, R Kempton, C Stalvies, R Schinteie (CSIRO Energy), A Ezzy (Chevron Australia), A Kulpecz (Chevron North American Exploration and Production), C Schaefer (Chevron Europe, Eurasia and Middle East Exploration & Production) and P Rarey (Chevron Australia)
Cretaceous to present-day tectonic reconstructions of Zealandia
H Seebeck, D Strogen, P King (GNS Science), A Nicol (University of Canterbury), B Hines (Victoria University of Wellington) and G O'Brien (GNS Science)
Australia's LNG wars – an industry under fire
S Kavonic (Wood Mackenzie)
South Australia’s power sector: renewables, batteries and the future role of gas
N Browne and B Pokharel (Wood Mackenzie)
Evolution of the East Coast gas market
P Byrne (Santos)
East Coast gas market supply and demand dynamics
J Stabler (Energy Edge)
CONCURRENT SESSION 4: The Future in Energy
Engineering real success using digital technologies
C Phasey (Nova Systems)
Reimagining the future of gas
A Jaffray (Santos)
Smart upstream to LNG
R Byfield (Yokogawa)
The role of the human in an age of automation
B Farrell (EY)
3:15 pm 3:45 pm
Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Enjoy a cuppa and refreshments whilst making some new contacts, viewing the poster displays and the many exhibitors at APPEA 2018.


3:15 pm 6:00 pm
Meet the Authors - Poster Presentation
Exhibition Hall

Having examined the dynamic poster presentation arena inside the exhibition showcase, take this opportunity to meet the authors behind the work and discuss and debate their displayed poster presentations.

View the current poster presentation listing.

3:45 pm 5:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 5: Quality project execution
Offshore gas field development—the ripple effect
A Black* (ExxonMobil Australia) and G Saunders* (Advisian WorleyParsons Group)
Evolving Santos' onshore execution and production business to unlock value and growth through the commodity cycles
B Woods (Santos)
Financing a mega LNG project and ‘raising the bar’ in securing a social licence to operate
Y Tokunaga (INPEX Australia)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 6: Geophysical innovation
Pluto 4D - Australia's first 4D over a gas field is an outstanding success
L Tilbury and A Gerhardt (Woodside Energy)
Innovative high trace density design with broadband seismic data acquisition in the Cooper Basin, Australia
J Archer, M Delic (Geokinetics Inc.) and F Nicholson (Beach Energy)
Marine seismic triple source case studies from the Asia Pacific region
E Hager (Polarcus)
Unravelling the Triassic Mungaroo Formation within north Carnarvon Basin using regional stratal slice volumes
T Marsh, B Kowalik (Chevron Australia), R Welch (Chevron Energy Technology), A Powell (Chevron Australia), H Howe (Independent Consultant) and B Hallager (Chevron Australia)
Construction safety case (MAP)—a framework for successful implementation
R Selleck (Clough)
A new window through which to look at safety culture surveys: a case study at Arrow Energy
M Zaunbrecher and L Mealiff (Arrow Energy)
The future of safety in the oil and gas industry
S De Nichilo (Santos)
Implementing process safety critical roles to reduce risk
A Wilson* (DuPont Australia) and G Ransom* (Woodside Energy)
CONCURRENT SESSION 8: Energy frontiers
BP's evolution in the face of Australia's transforming fuel supply chain; ensuring business sustainability as well as security of supply for the nation's demands
D Tyzack (BP Australia), L Sullivan* (UGL Ltd) and Presenter only: Tim Norman (BP Australia)
From hydrocarbons to electrons: creating new opportunities for the oil and gas sector
B Cullinane*, M Wood* and B Ladbrook (Deloitte Consulting)
Reliable cost efficient distributed energy systems with a high renewable penetration; a techno-economic case study for remote off-grid regional coal seam gas extraction
J Bamberger (Siemens AG), T Chang (Siemens Corp), B Mason (Siemens Ltd), A Mesanovic (Siemens AG), U Münz (Siemens Corp), W Priest, R Thompson (Siemens Ltd) and X Wu (Siemens Corp)
Repositioning gas as the natural companion to renewable energy
M Wilkes (RISC)
5:00 pm 6:00 pm
Happy Hour in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Make sure you join this high energy period of the conference where the exhibition buzzes with conversations about what the day has delivered and the promise of events for Day 2.

6:00 pm
Evening Free

Take the opportunity as an oil and gas supplier to host your clients in the vibrant city of Adelaide. As a delegate – accept the invitations from suppliers and clients or from fellow delegates to expand your networks or reinforce current partnerships.

16 May
7:30 am 5:00 pm
Conference registration
Foyer F
8:00 am 6:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Exhibition
Exhibition Hall

Meet with the industry’s leading explorers, producers and suppliers in this one-stop-shop exhibition of the best the Australian and international oil and gas industry has to offer. The Exhibition will provide an exceptional opportunity to view the latest technologies and the newest advances in the oil and gas industry.

View the current exhibitor listing

Information on becoming an exhibitor…

8:00 am 6:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Poster Presentations
Exhibition Hall

The APPEA conference technical program incorporates an extensive poster series displayed in the exhibition hall. Enjoy your tea break whilst perusing the posters.


8:00 am 6:00 pm
KPMG Meeting Zone
Exhibition Hall

Make sure you secure time for that crucial meeting with your key clients. The KPMG Meeting Zone – an ideal place to meet for an hour, with two private meeting zones.

Further information…

8:30 am 10:30 am
PLENARY SESSION: Diversity and inclusion – what is beyond the ‘tick box’?
A resilient business embraces diversity and inclusion as a core value and as a way to improve its competitiveness, flexibility and innovation. But it is more than just a ‘tick box’ exercise and takes genuine engagement and thorough commitment. Following a successful diversity and inclusion plenary session at APPEA 2017, in 2018 speakers in this session will consider what diversity and inclusion really means for the industry, present case studies on approaches to diversity and inclusion, consider successes and failures and contemplate what comes next.
Opening comments by facilitator
Diverse teams create effectiveness and deliver success
Pioneering progress on diversity and inclusion
Kellie Parker, Managing Director, Planning, Integration & Assets, Rio Tinto Iron Ore
What does success look like for diversity and inclusion in the marketplace?
Tom Quinn, Chief Executive, Resources, Broadspectrum, A Ferrovial Services Company
10:30 am 11:15 am
Morning Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Refuel with some tasty treats whilst catching up with colleagues and making new contacts in Australia’s biggest annual upstream oil & gas event.

11:15 am 12:30 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 9: 2018 Acreage releases
The 2018 offshore petroleum exploration acreage release
L Schofield (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)
Petroleum geology of the 2018 offshore acreage release areas
T Bernecker (Geoscience Australia)
A new compact for communities, government and the resources sector
J Purtill (Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy)
Australian onshore petroleum acreage and releases 2018
E Alexander (South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet)
CONCURRENT SESSION 10: A closer look at the rocks
Effect of kaolinite content on formation damage due to fines migration: systematic laboratory and modelling study
T Russell, L Boechat Chequer, A Badalyan, Z You and P Bedrikovetsky (University of Adelaide)
Rock typing and facies identification using fractal theory and conventional petrophysical logs
R Koochak, M Haghighi, M Sayyafzadeh and M Bunch (University of Adelaide)
The importance of optimal geological zonation and choice of rock parameters in dynamic reservoir simulation: a case study for the Laminaria Field
P Behrenbruch (Bear and Brook Consulting), T Hoang* (University of Adelaide), K Bui, M T Do Huu and T Kennaird (Bear and Brook Consulting)
CONCURRENT SESSION 11: Northern basins—go north young explorer
The stratigraphic architecture, distribution and hydrocarbon potential of the organic rich Kyalla and Velkerri shales of the Upper Roper Group (McArthur Basin)
M Sheridan, R Johns (Santos), H Johnson (Imperial College London) and S Menpes (Santos)
Petroleum systems of the Proterozoic in Northwest Queensland and a description of various play types
J Gorton and A Troup (Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy)
Exploration of the south-eastern part of the frontier Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, Australia
F Bache, P Walshe, J Gusterhuber, S Menpes, M Sheridan, S Vlasov and L Holmes (Santos)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 12: Risky business
Accelerating oil and gas investment and reserves by design
B Goldstein (South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet)
The prisoner’s dilemma: gaming risk in joint venture gas arrangements
S McAlister-Smiley* and J Spanjaard* (Deloitte)
Shining the spotlight on the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax
K Wee (Australian Taxation Office)
Contracting with small businesses: include unfair terms in your standard form contracts at your peril
A Freeman* and co-presenter: Tom Griffith* (Piper Alderman)
12:30 pm 2:00 pm
Networking Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Absorb all that the APPEA 2017 Exhibition has to offer whilst enjoying your lunch with your industry colleagues.


2:00 pm 3:15 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 13: PESA—2017 in review
Australian exploration review 2017
M Quinn and F Hulbert (IHS Markit)
Petroleum production and development across Australia 2017
G Bethune and S Bethune (EnergyQuest)
Digital transformation of the oil, gas and energy value chain
P Taliangis (Core Energy)
CONCURRENT SESSION 14: Innovative engineering
Pioneering large li-ion batteries on offshore platform
N Nguyen, L Jacobs* and R Beccarelli (Woodside Energy)
Risk based corrosion assessment and refurbishment of marine structures
S Dickinson*, K Wilson, A Sarandily* (AECOM Australia), R Van der Werf*, S Sheen, P Crawley (Woodside Energy)
Wellsite serviced power model for the CSG industry
G Harris (CD Power)
CONCURRENT SESSION 15: Cooper Basin—everything old is new again
Exploiting the Cooper Basin: conventional lessons and appropriate analogues to guide an unconventional future
B Richards and A Cote (Origin Energy)
Exploring for stratigraphic traps in the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin: an integrated seismic methodology
A Bennett (Beach Energy)
Play based exploration in the southern Cooper Basin: a systematic approach to exploration in a mature basin
DA Lockhart, E Riel, M Sanders, A Walsh, GT Cooper and M Allder (Senex Energy)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 16: Working on the land
The Queensland gas industry relies on access to private land and has negotiated thousands of access agreements with private landholders. Ensuring the land access process is positive and professional from the landholder’s perspective is fundamental to the long term success of the industry. While there were some mistakes made in the early days the industry now has a considerable depth of knowledge and expertise in land access, including how company practices shape landholder experience and how government regulation can help or hinder. The session will cover the industry’s experience to date and what Queensland companies have done and are doing to improve landholder sentiment. Representatives from leading onshore gas producers will present followed by a panel discussion.
Presenters include: Anthea Patch (Arrow Energy), Kelli How (QGC) and Andrew Brier (Origin Energy)
3:15 pm 3:45 pm
Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

It’s coffee o’clock! Share a coffee with one of over 2,000+ oil and gas professionals under the one roof of the APPEA 2017 Exhibition.

3:45 pm 5:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 17: Data analytics in engineering
The effective use of data analytics in an advanced compressor performance and degradation monitoring system
R Lucas* (Origin Energy), A Jones* (Xodus Group), W Ford (Origin Energy) and M Doyle (Xodus Group)
Using technology and innovation to deliver a step change in CSG workover rig services
T Phelan (Easternwell)
Reducing rig personnel requirements with standards-based real-time data streaming
R Philo and J Hollingsworth (Energistics)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 18: Modern field development
The Halladale–Speculant fields: the first nearshore gas fields to be developed from mainland Australia
A Constantine, G Morgan*, R O'Leary (Lattice Energy) and S Smith (Origin Energy)
Investigating depth structure uncertainty for horizontal well placement, Bauer Field, Cooper-Eromanga Basin
E Shirley (Beach Energy)
Fully integrated dynamic reservoir and well simulation model: Blacktip gas field case study
R Yokote, M Albarzanji, Y Suhardiman (Eni Australia), A Tran, E Dharma Putra and N Rodriguez (Schlumberger Australia)
CONCURRENT SESSION 19: Social license
Social media use in the Australian energy and resources sectors
C Styan (University College London)
Earning community trust to operate—Northern Gas Pipeline
J Spink (Jemena)
Bursting bubbles: can experiments and analogues help stakeholders and the public visualise risks?
L Stalker (CSIRO), J Roberts (University of Strathclyde) and L Mabon (Robert Gordon University)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 20: Carbon conscious
Radical disruption—renewables, technology and the arrival of ‘peak gas’
G Thompson (Wood Mackenzie)
Zero routine flaring by 2030 : a new global industry standard
J Cutler, B Hamso and F Sucre (The World Bank Group)
What comes next: responding to recommendations from the task force on climate-related financial disclosures
S Tyagi (ERM) and E Turley (Origin Energy)
Big oil in 2030: thriving (and driving) in a carbon constrained future
B Cullinane* (Deloitte) and S McGill* (Tawa Clean Energy)
5:00 pm 6:00 pm
Happy Hour in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Meet with colleagues and new contacts after another busy day at the conference. Share ideas over a refreshing drink before you prepare for the Conference Dinner.

7:30 pm 12:00 am
Conference Dinner

‘Experience the iconic’

Step out in style and join your colleagues to celebrate APPEA’s official Conference Dinner. This evening remains one of the most anticipated of the industry’s social calendar as delegates and guests enjoy a superb three-course dinner and world-class entertainment. A selection of  prestigious APPEA awards are presented at this, the oil & gas industry’s night of nights. Whether you book a single ticket or a table, this event will impress!

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17 May
7:30 am 3:00 pm
Conference registration
Foyer F
8:00 am 3:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Exhibition
Exhibition Hall

Join us for the final day of the APPEA 2018 Exhibition. The perfect place to visit an array of exhibiting companies and catch up with your business contacts.

Note the exhibition closes at 3pm today.

8:00 am 3:00 pm
APPEA 2018 Poster Presentations
Exhibition Hall

Take this final opportunity to view the posters in the Exhibition Hall before the Hall closes at 3.00pm.

View the current poster presentation listing.

8:00 am 3:00 pm
KPMG Meeting Zone
Exhibition Hall

An ideal place to meet for an hour, with two private meeting areas seating up to eight people.

Further information…

8:30 am 10:30 am
PLENARY SESSION: Technology and innovation – the keys to a resilient business
Technological breakthroughs and continued innovation have for decades been key to the growth and success of the oil and gas industry. The use of technology has improved the safety of those working in the industry, enhanced the industry’s environmental stewardship and increased its productivity and competitiveness. This process is relentless and the industry must continue to innovate to further improve its safety record, its environmental credential and its competitiveness if it is to find a place in the new energy market. Featuring – in an APPEA first – live demonstrations of technology-based innovations and cutting edge applications, this session will bring together industry experts to consider in a ‘hands on’ way the industry’s use of technology to enhance its competitiveness and resilience.
Delivering innovation—think big, prototype small, scale fast
Shaun Gregory, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Woodside
The role of innovation in the energy transition
Tom Summers, Vice-President, Shell Energy Australia
Automation and robotics in oil and gas—what can we learn from other industries?
Alan Fotheringham, President Strategy and Development Specialist Technical Services, Wood
Delivering value from digital in oil and gas
Christiaan Heyning, Founding Partner, McKinsey & Company
10:30 am 11:15 am
Morning Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

The great food and refreshments just keep on coming!  Grab a cuppa and keep exploring the APPEA 2018 Exhibition on this final day of the conference.

11:15 am 1:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 21: Decommissioning – is it the end?
Decommissioning—what’s the fuss about?
P Saraceni and K Liddle (Clifford Chance)
Building a world-class Australian decommissioning industry
K Bills (WA Energy Research Alliance)
Decommissioning: taking control of your committed investment
R Polson (Deloitte)
Case study: successful disconnection of a traditional floating production storage and off-loading unit (FPSO)
S Gajula* (Eni Australia) and B Peuchot* (Technip FMC)
Perspectives on successful CSG well decommissioning
C Huddlestone-Holmes, T Measham, T Jeanneret and J Kear (CSIRO)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 22: A new Australian petroleum province
Recent exploration results in the Lower Triassic, Bedout sub-basin—Australia’s next petroleum province?
M Thompson, F Wehr, J Woodward, J Minken, G D'Orazio, F Fernandes, M Kongowoin, L Hansen, D Kuek and R Fabrici (Quadrant Energy)
Tectonostratigraphic framework of the lower Keraudren Formation, Bedout Sub-Basin—interplay of tectonics and sedimentary systems
J Minken, M Thompson, J Woodward, F Fernandes and R Fabrici (Quadrant Energy)
The Lower Triassic Caley member: depositional facies, reservoir quality and seismic expression
J Woodward, J Minken, M Thompson, M Kongowoin, L Hansen and R Fabrici (Quadrant Energy)
Geomechanical insights in the Bedout Sub-basin: exploiting technologies for understanding reservoir settings
D Castillo (Insight GeoMechanics), D Kuek, M Thompson, F Fernandes, J Minken and T Colson (Quadrant Energy)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 23: The edge of environment
Navigating the Great Australian Bight using systems models
C Bulman, E Fulton (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere) and S Goldsworthy (South Australian Research and Development Institute)
Innovation and technology in marine science: AIMS’ north west shoals to shore research program
M Parsons, M Meekan, K Miller, M Thums and J Gilmore (Australian Institute of Marine Science) Presenter only: M Dommisse
An overview of the new geological and bioregional assessments program
A Swirepik, A Stacey and R Dann (Department of the Environment and Energy)
Update of the information guidelines to improve scientific information provided to the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on coal seam gas and large coal mining development
G Walker (Member, Independent Expert Scientific Committee), S Taylor, P Baker and M Bouma (Department of the Environment and Energy)
The role of marine science in managing environmental risk offshore
P Hardisty, M Dommisse and K Cooper (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
Panel discussion
CONCURRENT SESSION 24: A new way of looking at projects
LNG as marine fuel – Where technology meets logistics
D Raitt (Lloyds Register Asia), Presenter Only: J Baker (Lloyds Register Asia)
Leading the WAy: Western Australia’s the key to driving LNG as a marine fuel
W Purio* (LNG Marine Fuel Institute), M Bowen, A van der Walt (Jackson McDonald) and S Panizza*, (LNG Marine Fuel Institute)
A new approach to value creation – stranded gas resource commercialisation via low-cost small scale floating LNG projects
D Cha (Transborders Energy)
Helium in the Australian liquefied natural gas economy
C Boreham, D Edwards (Geoscience Australia), R Poreda (University of Rochester), T Darrah (Smart Gas Sciences), R Zhu, E Grosjean, P Main, K Waltenberg and P Henson (Geoscience Australia)
Optimising energy sourcing and consumption in the oil and gas sector
D Danilovich (KPMG)
Panel discussion
1:00 pm 2:30 pm
Networking Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

Located in the buzzing exhibition hall, the networking lunch offers a feast for all the senses!

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1:00 pm 2:30 pm
Authors' Lunch

By Invitation Only

The Authors’ Lunch is where APPEA thanks the people who have committed time and energy to produce the outstanding array of papers that are received each year for the conference.

The attendees of this invitation-only event are authors and/or presenters of the papers, representatives of the APPEA Board and selected guests.

Further information…

2:30 pm 4:15 pm
PLENARY SESSION: A resilient supply chain – what does success look like in the new energy market?
The new energy market is challenging traditional business models and resilience across the entire supply chain is vital to the future of the industry. But with new challenges comes new opportunities. With industry growth over the last decade, its enduring benefit to the Australian economy and ongoing investment in Australian industry, opportunities for suppliers and contractors, both large and small, both existing and new, remain. In this session, hear from major contractors, small businesses and major producers as they discuss how to secure business in the new energy market, how to build enduring relationships and consider what each part of the supply chain is looking for in the others. What lessons can be learned? What does success look like? These and many other questions will be answered in a lively and topical discussion to close our APPEA 2018 plenary program.
Facilitated by Nathan Roost, Partner EY
Unlocking value in the new energy market
Peter Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, Clough
Beach Energy’s growth in the Australian gas market—leveraging the supply chain
Matthew Kay, Chief Executive Officer, Beach
International perspective: Making the supply chain work for you
Andrew Kavanagh, Sage Energy International Corporation (Canada)
From start up to success
Doug Bester, Managing Director, Sentient Computing
APPEA Closing Address
Dr Malcolm Roberts, Chief Executive, APPEA
4:15 pm 6:15 pm
Farewell Cocktails

“Southern Send-off”

South Australia bids delegates from APPEA 2018 a fond farewell on the banks of the River Torrens. As the sun sets, take in the last opportunity to mix with your fellow colleagues in the Innova Global Platinum Club. Be sure to enjoy the live performances from local artists along with your favourite drop, at this memorable Southern Send-off.

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18 May
8:30 am
The Australian Oilfield Golf Tournament (AOGT)

2018 Australian Oilfield Golf Tournament (AOGT)  

Friday 18 May 2017

Organised by AOGT 2018 Committee

The Australian Oilfield Golf Tournament (AOGT) has been a staple feature that follows the APPEA annual conference and is now in its 52nd year. The tournament is brought to you by a committee of dedicated volunteers from the oil and gas industry and in 2018 aims to raise funds for a nominated SA Charity.

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APPEA Conference and Exhibition 2018
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