Conference Close Up – Amy Myers Jaffe

7 February 2018

APPEA is excited to announce leading expert on global energy policy, geopolitical risk, and energy and sustainability, Amy Myers Jaffe as a plenary speaker in the APPEA 2018 Conference program.

Ms Jaffe is David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. She will deliver a keynote address on The global energy outlook, the future of energy and the role of oil and gas in the plenary session ‘Energy Transformation – The Future Is Now’ on Tuesday 15 May.

Amy will join key thought leaders in this session – who will deliver a series of world-class presentations and in-depth discussion. These speakers include:

Mr Peter Coleman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Woodside
Mr Nigel Hearne, Managing Director, Chevron Australia
Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO

Plenary Session Synopsis: Energy Transformation – The Future Is Now
The global energy system is in a period of unprecedented transformation. This transformation is driven by the falling cost of cleaner energy sources, the rise of new and growing sources of demand on Australia’s doorstep in Asia, and the growth (and resilience) of the US shale industry. 80% of the projected growth in gas demand takes place in developing economies, led by China, India and other countries in Asia.

This growth reflects the versatility and flexibility of gas as an energy source and its cleaner burning properties, vital as energy-related greenhouse gas emissions must fall and developing countries must address widespread concerns over air quality.

How does the industry succeed as this transformation occurs, meeting the needs of our own markets in Australia and also the growing energy needs in our region? What role innovation and technology in improving industry’s adaptability and resilience? What role government policy, both in Australia and around the world? And how does the industry respond? How does it see the future and what is it doing to succeed?

Speakers will provide perspectives, drawing on their extensive industry experience, to provide a headline session concluding with a truly international panel discussion.

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Stay tuned for announcements of more world-class speakers of the conference program.

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