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Terra15 Technologies Pty Ltd
Suite 4, Level 9, 256 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, Western Australia

Company Profile

Terra15 manufactures Treble™ a Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) interrogator and a monitoring solution for pressurised pipelines and vessels to be used in hydrogen transport and storage. Terra15's 'Alertis' cloud-based, autonomous, 24/7 monitoring service is used with Treble™ sensing platform, using innovative signal processing and artificial intelligence monitors pipelines/infrastructure and providing alerts directly to the customer for any events of concern. Terra15 has proven success in trials conducted to date. Using the Alertis app, customers can view the full length of the monitored infrastructure in real-time in a simple visual interface, available on desktop and mobile, with the ability to drill down to any alert areas, and hear the output from live and recorded events of concern.

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