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300, Murray Street
Perth, Western Australia

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AiSpanner™ is data-centric shutdown, maintenance project lifecycle solution. Eliminating data silos, AiSpanner™ data driven processes connect workflows, stakeholders, and data at every stage of maintenance lifecycle. Connected data empowers confident decisions. Bring all project data together in one place for predictive insights that help to reduce risk and maximise efficiency.

The purpose-built platform for all maintenance stakeholders allows for consistent communication and information. By using advanced visualisation, knowledge graph, intelligent resources engine, and cloud solution to build maintenance intelligent twins.

AiSpanner connects disparate data to plan, schedule, execute, visualise, analyse, and manage activities & risks associated with maintenance.
AiSpanner reduces costs while significantly improving efficiency, safety, collaboration, and communication between stakeholders to ensure the right work gets done, at the right time, with the right tools, materials, and people.

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