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Ikon Science Pty Ltd
45 Ventnor Avenue
West Perth, Western Australia

Company Profile

Ikon Science provides a complete portfolio to improve decision making for E&P companies. We have dedicated over 20 years developing innovative oil and gas software solutions, services and studies to help our global customer base make smarter decisions by extracting better insights from complex subsurface data.

We are a global leader in Quantitative Exploration and Development. The company has pioneered the use of rock physics as a practical tool to dramatically improve the reliability of predictions of reservoir properties from seismic and geologic information.

Ikon Science delivers an unmatched understanding of rocks, fluids, pressures, and reservoir quality through the application of best practice workflows and a detailed understanding of local and regional rock physics. This is underpinned by our scientific expertise and collaborations with both international E&P companies and a network of leading academic institutions.

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