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Suite 166, 580 Hay Street
Perth, Western Australia

Company Profile

RemSense develops technology solutions for the Energy, Metals and Mining, Utility and PowerGen industries. RemSense is divided into two core business units: Technology an Engineering Services and Data Capture and Insights.

Technology and Engineering Services (TE)

Our TE team develop bespoke technology solutions to problems that are not currently served by the market. Our team is as diverse as our solutions, including experts in robotics, AI, VR and AR, Mechanical, Software and Electrical Engineering, among other fields. In addition to technology development, we also undertake program management, prototyping, technology evaluation and IP commercialisation projects such as VIRTUAL PLANT.

Data Capture and Insights (DCI)

Our DCI team are experts at capturing data from the physical world, processing and translating it into valuable insights. We capture 2D and 3D data from the micron level all the way up to thousands of square kilometres utilising Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

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