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Vertech Group
19 Walters Drive
Perth, Western Australia

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Vertech Group provide a comprehensive catalogue of inspection, maintenance and specialist access services to a diverse range of sectors including upstream drilling, oil & gas production, defence, mining, and various marine industries. Vertech was a pioneer of industrial rope access and specialist access in Australia, and in 2021 those capabilities still underpin our core services. In recent years, Vertech Group have diversified to invest heavily in un-manned inspection technologies, today being one of the leading suppliers of Remote Digital Visual Inspections (RDVI).

Vertech Group's specialist portfolio of companies (Geo Oceans, Sonomatic, Blue Ocean Marine Services, APS and Abseil Access), provide a suite of inspection and maintenance services that deliver customers innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Through close collaboration, each company's complementary capabilities empower the Vertech Group to provide the highest level of service.

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