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Equinox Engineering Australia Pty Ltd
Level 13
145 Eagle Street
Brisbane, Queensland

Company Profile

Equinox Engineering provides world class engineering design services for all onshore oil & gas processing facilities, compression, sales pipelines, water treatment, power generation, wellsites and gathering lines. Equinox Engineering has been in business for over twenty-four (24) years with the head office in Calgary (Canada) and execution offices in Brisbane (Australia), Pittsburgh and Houston (United States) and Pune (India).

Equinox brings together experience and capability to provide technical, commercial and financial solutions for projects and concepts in the oil & gas industry and more recently the new fields of hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide and related new energy sector applications. We have designed and installed over 80+ oil or gas processing trains, 300+ compression facilities, 1000’s of wellsites, and over 1000’s kilometres of pipelines.

We provide to our clients the best people with the most appropriate technical expertise for their projects, We ensure that our services align with our client’s culture and expectations, and in doing so we deliver successful project executions.

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