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Inflatable Packers International Pty Ltd (IPI)
1 Pitino Court
Osborne Park, Western Australia

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Inflatable Packers International (IPI) is a Perth based designer and manufacturer of down-hole Inflatable packer equipment with distinctly different inflatable packer technology. IPI manufacture complete down-hole systems for hydraulic fracturing, permeability testing, formation evaluation Well completion solutions for cementing, water shut-off, screen installation and well repair, production tools include Casing Packers, Bridge Plugs, ESP/PCP anchoring packers. with innovative, practical and durable features. with innovative, practical and durable features. With a focus on innovation, quality, custom design with OEM components, IPI inflatable packer technology serves conventional and unconventional oil and gas applications, mining, geothermal, water resources and geotechnical exploration. Delivering customer satisfaction

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