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Joint Action Group Pty Ltd
PO Box 565
Mornington, Victoria

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Joint Action’s Automated WRMSD Risk Analysis Technology gives companies the power to rapidly analyse manual handling tasks and easily identify high risk activity with a simple to use App. The analysis can compare pre and post risk controls to validate risk reductions. The system delivers detailed reporting in real time and empowers managers to verify results with objective data.

Developed with the support of Australian Coal Research Project and the industry itself, Joint Action’s Solutions are deployed in mining, transport, logistics, manufacturing and health services. The technology uses machine learning closely aligned to the Australian Model Code of Practice for Hazardous Manual Handling Tasks with extended computed Consequential Risk Scoring allowing real time risk scoring using non-invasive wearable sensors.

The results are used to improve worker’s lives with reduced injury, save loss days, reduce insurance premiums and focus investment on the highest risk activities. See to learn more.

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