Company Details

Modelling Matters Pty Ltd
15 Kitchener Street
North Beach, Western Australia

Company Profile

Modelling Matters specialize in the science of 3D ‘static’
geological modelling and ‘dynamic’ simulation reservoir

The objective of the business is to provide a source of expertise
for the integration of subsurface data, including geophysics,
geology and reservoir engineering, with the use of 3D reservoir
modelling techniques at the core of our service offering.

Modelling Matters knowledgeable application, when building
and analyzing reservoir models, allows our clients to make
informed decisions during the lifetime of their field.
From acquisition/divestment, exploration, appraisal,
development and production, we can assist with the
optimization of reservoir performance.

Our staff and consultants are highly trained in the most popular
modelling software packages, including Petrel and Eclipse, and
offer an extensive knowledge base on geoscience, geomodelling
and reservoir engineering.

In only a few years, Modelling Matters has built strong
relationships with some of the key oil and gas companies in the