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18 Lorien Place
East Tamaki
Auckland , New Zealand

Company Profile

Petromac is a New Zealand company that leases bespoke equipment to the upstream Oil & Gas industry globally. On the back of unrivaled performance the business has grown relentlessly over the last 5 years and is the globally recognised leader in wireline conveyance.

The Petromac ""WIRELINE EXPRESS"" System resolves the mechanical limitations that have plagued open-hole wireline logging for over 50 years.
Obstructions formed by ledges, washouts and wellbore cuttings are easily navigated with resulting gains in operational efficiency.
The ultra-low friction wheels permit open-hole wireline logging in very high angle wells (80deg) by gravity descent. Tool stick-slip and differential sticking is eliminated.

Orientation of wireline logging tools is unique to Petromac. Data is enhanced with tool sensors in the optimal position and orientation. Sampling is now possible from the “undamaged” high side of wellbore and cores can taken horizontally, parallel to bedding planes.