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Chemostrat Australia/MGPalaleo
1131 Hay street
West Perth, Western Australia

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Chemostrat is a world leader in chemostratigraphy. Our portfolio of services provides stratigraphic solutions on a regional to reservoir-scale, that are effective in any geological setting or basin. We have been providing chemostratigraphy for 25 years, with offices and laboratories in the UK, USA, and Australia. To complement our stratigraphic services, we also provide sediment provenance, mineralogical, and organic geochemical services, and an array of portable analytical tools.


MGPalaeo have been providing market leading palynological, sedimentological and geological support to the oil and gas industry since 1983. Our palynological zonation remains the Australian industry standard, whilst our new NWS Stratigraphic Database includes updated biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphic picks for all exploration wells.

Based in Perth, MGPalaeo provides a wide range of high-resolution biostratigraphic services (chiefly palynology), either in-house or at rigsite. We operate a specialised biostratigraphic laboratory, along with rigsite units, and can provide standard, hot shot, and coal sample processing to the highest standards.

Integration of geological data is key to our success and we continue to develop the sedimentological side of our business, offering a comprehensive range of services – core description, wireline and image log interpretation, rock typing and workshops. In this vein, we are also integrating our palynological and sedimentological services with Chemostrat, our partner in geochemistry, to better align your geochemical and biostratigraphic needs.

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