Company Details

Qteq Pty Ltd
Suite 4, Level 3
340 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, Queensland

Company Profile

Qteq is a privately held company focused on using innovative technologies to improve exploration and production of oil, gas, water and alternative energy resources.

We were founded on the premise that technical and commercial innovation successfully underpins sustainable and responsible georesources development.

Our focus grew out of a need to constantly capitalise on disruptive technologies enabling our clients to achieve real efficiencies and cost savings while meeting their desired social and environmental outcomes.

We understand that achieving efficient georesources exploration and production, while protecting the environment, is a highly technical, highly important activity.

That’s why we focus on innovation to provide essential insights on a real-time basis for our georesources clients. We know that having this data readily available helps our clients increase safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance their social value to operate.

Consequently, Qteq is proud to be a leading provider of innovative, integrated technical services and products to the onshore oil and gas, mining and alternative energy industries.

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