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Petrosys PRO, dbMap, PLDB, GLOBE Claritas, Interica, GPInfo, RFD's tNavigator and ROGII
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Petrosys software is used globally by geoscientists, data managers and engineers as essential tools for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management and help make better decisions. We offer a range software solutions and services; Petrosys PRO, dbMap, PLDB, GLOBE Claritas, Interica, GPInfo, RFD's tNavigator, and ROGII's Starsteer and SOLO.

Petrosys PRO produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages, edits, and analyses the underlying information including the specialised seismic, well and geoscience data used in the search for oil and gas.

dbMap® data management solutions deliver a PPDM gold standard master data store which manages data securely while integrating knowledge to improve discovery rates and reduce production costs.

PLDB® is a powerful enterprise solution for creating an organised, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays and opportunities, built for industry standard petroleum risk assessment and portfolio management workflows.

GLOBE Claritas™ is the established choice to enhance your seismic data processing capabilities. The stand-alone iMage platform includes high-performance, parallel, seismic processing algorithms that are deployed as part of our full seismic processing package.

Interica is well known for its industry leading archive solution PARS™ and popular Project Resource Manager tools. Interica has been providing unique software, consultancy and data management services to the oil and gas Sector for over 20 years. Our solutions enable a global client base to manage & secure their data and reduce risks and costs. Visit us at APPEA to learn more about the innovative Interica OneView platform and the epSHARE document management and team collaboration solutions.

GPinfo is the most detailed and up-to-date database of Australasian petroleum exploration information available, including over 3,000 permits and 29,000 wells. Subscribers can import their own geospatial and tabular data into GPinfo and export data for use in third party mapping software, including Petrosys, ArcGIS and Mapinfo.

tNavigator®, developed by Rock Flow Dynamics, is a fully parallel, single memory based application, offering geoscientists and reservoir engineers an integrated tool for subsurface analysis. tNavigator is the first software on the market to dynamically combine an interactive 3D graphical user interface and parallel supercomputing engine, to create workflows from reservoir static and dynamic modelling to surface networks and uncertainty quantification in just a few clicks. tNavigator offers unrivalled speed and scalability in an easy to use software, with embedded converters supporting industry standard input formats and syntax ensuring migration is simple.

ROGII solutions deliver an advanced suite of tools for effective well steering. StarSteer provides an all-inclusive, user-friendly platform for every development and operations geologist. From well planning, to geosteering, to completion design integration. SOLO is the next generation cloud-based, collaborative field development solution bringing all your stakeholders into a single operational data space.

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