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90 Welshpool Road
Welshpool, Western Australia

Company Profile

Programmed is Australia’s leading provider of staffing and maintenance services, employing more than
25,000 people across a broad range of industries to provide solutions for over 10,000 customers.
We recruit, deploy, manage and maintain a large, directly employed workforce of professional, skilled and semi-skilled staff with a wide range of capabilities.
Through a network of more than 100 branches, we deliver multiple services from across our business. Our team of 25,000+ come from a range of cultural backgrounds and all contribute to the diversity of our company.
Ensuring our people think, act and stay safe is at the core of our business operations. Our employees value safety and continually contribute to our goal of Zero Harm.
We’re committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers that improve business success and our people align themselves to our core values of personal safety leadership, care and empathy, customer service, diversity inclusion and equality.

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