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Assured Environmental Pty Ltd
Unit 7, 142 Tennyson Memorial Avenue
Tennyson , Queensland

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Assured Environmental (AE) is a team of experienced and trusted professionals focused on delivering high quality, responsive and practical environmental monitoring and consulting services.
We believe environmental stewardship and profitability are not mutually exclusive but instead are interdependent elements of sustainable businesses.
AE has over a decade of experience specializing in monitoring for the workplace, indoor air quality, odour, noise, vibration, ambient and meteorological, and water and groundwater, expert witness, air quality modelling and assessment and acoustic modelling and assessment. The comprehensive service menu also includes results interpretation, reporting, development of control solutions and staff training.
With our specialist advice and guidance, our clients make informed decisions about how to best manage and minimise environmental impacts, reduce risk and potential conflicts, and protect profitability.

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