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Concept Tanks
509 Zillmere Rd
Zillmere, Queensland

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Concept Tanks design, manufacture and install concrete and steel modular fluid storage tanks as a permanent or relocatable alternative to inground storages. The Concept Tank is the most economical and environmentally sustainable fluid storage solution available and can be adapted to store a wide range of fluids with capacities up to 50ML. The tanks are relocatable, re-usable and can be constructed and operational within days. Concept Tanks do not require concrete footings or EA approvals, and are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions with a 50 year design life.
Concept Tanks provide a range of additional services including steel tank rentals, water management for Fracture Stimulation, drilling waste management, tank, pond and dam sediment removal and dam remediation. Contact Andrew Bilton 0417 603 118 to discuss your project requirements.

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