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Whether it’s a meeting with a new business contact, following up a lead or simply sitting back to relax with a coffee, the EY Collaboration Centre located on APPEA Boulevard in the main Exhibition Hall, is a place delegates love to be.

A number are scheduled ‘hot topics’ and issues in the industry that can be explored at the collaboration centre at pre-arranged times during the event. See below for the full listing and details. This will connect delegates, APPEA, EY specialists & conference speakers interested in the same topics and provide an opportunity to meet and discuss specific industry issues.


Hot Topic 1: Reimagining the energy future
1:00pm Tuesday 28 May 

The transformation of the global energy ecosystem is gathering momentum. Disruptive technologies are unlocking reserves and providing platforms to bring a myriad of energy sources to scale.  This presents new challenges as well as new opportunities. Three tipping points will mark the emergence of a new energy system when:

  1. Distributed energy systems will reach cost parity with grid connected energy
  2. Electric vehicles will reach cost parity with combustion engines
  3. Delivering power costs more than it does for consumers to produce it

EY, together with one of the world’s leading global analyst houses, has calculated the interaction and amplification of 10 convergent technological trends to determine when these tipping points will be reached.  Join EY’s Oceania Energy Leaders to discuss the impact on Oil & Gas companies and what you can do now to prepare for the new energy future.

Reserve your seat at this session or contact EY Oceania Power & Utilities Leader, Matt Rennie, for more detail on this subject.


Hot Topic 2: How is your business climate changing in a world of changing climate?
12:45pm Wednesday 29 May

The Paris Climate Agreement, and ratification by 185 member countries, represents global consensus on the importance of keeping the global average temperature to less than 2oC above pre-industrial levels. Global institutional investors are increasingly evaluating the robustness of companies’ business models in light of this commitment, particularly with regards to understanding the risks presented by climate change, and the opportunities associated with a decarbonised global economy.

Investors, and other stakeholders, expect companies to undertake an evaluation of climate risk, and disclose this publicly.  It is critical that companies in highly impacted sectors, such as oil and gas, undertake evaluation of their businesses and disclose this to their investors.

EY’s Climate Risk Disclosure Barometer evaluates the climate change disclosures of over 500 companies from 11 highly impacted sectors. The maturity and completeness of reporting varies widely between and within sectors. The oil and gas industry has an important message to share with stakeholders around the role of gas in a decarbonised future. Join this Hot Topic session to explore the current state of climate change reporting for the sector and where it needs to move to, to meet the needs of investors.

Reserve your seat at this session or contact EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services Director, Elizabeth Rose, for more detail on this subject.


Hot Topic 3: Is culture a springboard for success or an anchor weighing you down?
1:45pm Thursday 30 May 

There is no doubt that community perceptions of industry are critical in shaping future success. Regulatory reactions to corporate behaviour – real or perceived – are now having significant impacts on how Australian businesses operate. The Haynes Royal Commission, reviews of franchising, changes to private health insurance and intervention in the energy sector are a stark reminder of this. These reviews and commissions are calling into question what is valued, how organisations are governed, what is produced, how products are sold, and how individuals are held to account. In this session we consider how the recent findings in other sectors might apply to industry more broadly including the oil and gas industry

To be successful in addressing this question we must challenge alignment of the levers of culture, including the complex interplay between them. This challenge might include the following key questions:

  • Do you have a structured, measured, organisation wide view of your current culture? How do you report this to your stakeholders?
  • Is your current culture supporting, or weighing down, your efforts to deliver on your purpose and strategy?
  • Are you clear on your desired culture, and has the Board endorsed this target?
  • How do you drive the change you need to create your culture in a way that ‘sticks’?

Join us for a practical and case-study based perspective on how to drive cultural change in your organisation through coordinated, fundamental change.

Reserve your seat at this session or contact EY Oceania People Partner, Kate Hillman, for more detail on this subject.

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