EY Collaboration Centre

Whether it’s a meeting with a new business contact, following up a lead or simply sitting back to relax with a coffee, the EY Collaboration Centre located on APPEA Boulevard in the main Exhibition Hall, is a place delegates love to be.

Join EY specialists, APPEA representatives & conference speakers to discuss a number industry ‘hot topics’. A great opportunity to connect with oil & gas professionals with similar interests.

View the hot topics listing below:



Tuesday 15th June

The role of the oil and gas industry in supporting Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Following on from the day’s plenary sessions, we’ll take a deeper dive into the contours of Australia’s economic challenges from COVID-19, the state of the Budget, how business investment has performed, and the oil and gas industry’s contribution to the recovery process. In a shifting landscape, how does the oil & gas industry help shape the future?


Wednesday 16th June

Is the Oil and Gas Industry Part of a Net Zero Emissions Future?

We explore the new reality shaping the future of oil and gas and delve deeper into the what the journey towards a net zero emissions future means for the industry. What’s the recipe for tomorrow’s energy mix?


Thursday 17 June

Stakeholder engagement and ESG strategy creating long-term value

The focus on ESG is at the top of the agendas for the resource sector. Today we dive deeper into how oil and gas companies can manage shareholder activism and create symbiotic relationships.


APPEA Conference and Exhibition 2021
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