Peter Macreadie

Deakin University

Professor Peter Macreadie is an environmental scientist. His research focuses on understanding and responding to the impacts of global change on aquatic ecosystems (namely marine, but also freshwater). His approach to research is multi-disciplinary, spanning the fields of chemistry, ecology, microbiology, economics, policy, and molecular biology. Macreadie is Head of Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab (www.bluecarbon.organd holds the position of Associate Professor in Marine Science. He is the Chair of the Independent Scientific Advisory Board for the National Decommissioning Research Initiative. He has published >135 peer-reviewed papers and received >$12M in research funding, including six Australian Research Council Grants. Macreadie is actively involved in translating science into policy; he sits on the Australian Academy of Sciences Future Earth Oceans and Coasts Expert Working Group, and the Australian Government’s Blue Carbon Expert Working Group. 

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