Long Nghiem

University of Technology Sydney

Dr Long Nghiem is a Professor and Director of the Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater at the University of Technology Sydney. He is an environmental engineer with research expertise in waste and wastewater treatment, low carbon desalination, anaerobic digestion, removal and degradation of organic contaminants, and membrane separation processes. He has authored over 300 peer review articles (h-index = 76 & >20,000 citations). Prof Nghiem has delivered research projects with over $5 million in cash funding from competitive grant schemes. He has also overseen over $1 million in industry research contract. Prof Nghiem works at the interface between academia and industry. He has led 7 large projects (including 5 ARC projects) with research partners from industry (e.g. Sydney Water, AGL, Sasakura Engineering, and AquaStill) and overseas (e.g. Yale University, University of Tokyo, Technical University of Munich).  

APPEA Conference and Exhibition 2021
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