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In a market that is experiencing the most disruptive period in a generation, the APPEA 2019 Conference Program will drive in-depth discussion and debate for the industry and its leaders with the theme – Navigating the future.

International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us. Combined with an array of business networking events, APPEA 2019 is the place to form new partnerships and strengthen existing  ones.

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28 May
8:30 am 10:15 am
PLENARY SESSION: Navigating the future
Great Hall
The opening session of APPEA 2019 focuses on the conference theme, ‘Navigating the future’. This session will set the scene for three days of in depth discussion and debate as the industry considers what it takes to be a resilient business in the new energy market — a market experiencing the most disruptive period in a generation.
Conference Opening Ceremony
Queensland State Government Address
Australian Government Address
Lead Industry Address
Mr Ryan Lance, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ConocoPhillips
APPEA Chair’s Address
Mrs Zoe Yujnovich, Country Chair, Shell Australia and Executive Vice President, Australia & New Zealand
11:00 am 12:30 pm
PLENARY SESSION: The future’s not what it used to be—the new energy landscape
Great Hall
Rapid and sustained change is a feature of the global energy system. This transformation is driven by the rise of new and growing sources of demand on Australia’s doorstep in Asia, the falling cost of cleaner energy sources, the rise of new technologies and the growth (and resilience) of the US shale industry. Eighty per cent of the projected growth in gas demand takes place in developing economies, led by China, India and other countries in Asia. Growth in gas demand reflects its versatility and flexibility as an energy source and its cleaner burning properties.
The future is truly not what it used to be. How does the industry succeed in this new future, meeting the needs of our own markets in Australia and also the growing energy needs in our region? What role innovation and technology in improving industry’s adaptability and resilience? What role government policy, both in Australia and around the world? And how does the industry respond? How does it see the future and what is it doing to succeed?
Further details of our keynote speakers will be released in early February.
29 May
8:30 am 10:15 am
PLENARY SESSION: Navigating a cleaner energy future — how does the oil and gas industry survive and thrive?
Great Hall
The UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris at the end of 2015 set the scene for the world’s response to climate change and continues to change the nature of the energy landscape facing the Australian oil and gas industry. Nearly four years on, and following the release at the end of 2018 of the ‘rulebook’ to underpin the Paris Agreement, this new landscape continues to provide both challenges and opportunities for the industry. Australian natural gas in particular has a key role to play as we move towards a lower carbon economy. It will be vital that the global and domestic policy responses recognise and support the key role the industry can play
Not all see it this way — there are plenty who see no role for natural gas or any fossil fuels in this cleaner energy future. The ongoing challenge for the industry is to explain — and more than that, to demonstrate through its actions — the positive role it can play in the post-Paris global energy landscape. At home, the uncertainty about our climate and energy policy future remains. Following an address from the Federal Opposition, this plenary session will bring together local and global experts to consider how the oil and gas industry survives and thrives in this cleaner energy future and what it can and is doing to reduce its carbon footprint and provide cleaner energy to Australia and the region.
Further details of our keynote speakers will be released in early February.
30 May
8:45 am 10:30 am
PLENARY SESSION: Staying the course — east coast gas market challenges and opportunities
Great Hall
Recent years have seen the east coast gas market move to the front of the political and public debate — in a truly unprecedented fashion. The interplay between policy and politics has been a feature of the debate, with outcomes that challenge the foundations upon which the industry has developed and that have fundamentally changed the policy and political environment in which it operates now and into the future — in both positive and negative ways. All of this while the east coast LNG export industry has grown to record levels and now delivers economic growth, export revenue and jobs to the nation, and while the industry has delivered a surplus of gas to the domestic market for 2019 and expectations that demand will be met out to at least 2030. So, what does the future bring? Is there a way to ensure that the export market operates without intervention while ensuring that the industry can explore for, find and develop gas for the domestic market in a competitive and sustainable way? What is the way forward for the industry and for policymakers?
This timely plenary session, facilitated by Sky News Business Presenter Ticky Fullerton, will offers views from a variety of experts — regulators, analysts and industry will all offer their perspectives — and an interactive panel session will provide an in depth analysis of the key issues.
Further details of our keynote speakers will be released in early February.
2:30 pm 4:15 pm
PLENARY SESSION: Perceptions of the modern industry
Great Hall
Perception management has never been so important for the oil and gas industry. An increasingly polarised political landscape, new media challenges, and active public debate have amplified the need for effective and holistic engagement. These challenges have necessitated a broader public conversation; one required to acknowledge and respond to a diverse set of issues.
How do we navigate an issues-rich discussion and generate new conversations about the industry? How do we strategically plan in a highly reactive environment? How do we proactively engage all audiences to mutual benefit?
Further details of our keynote speakers will be released in early February.
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