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The APPEA 2020 Conference Program will drive in-depth discussion and debate for the industry and its leaders with the theme – Energy for a better Australia. International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us. Combined with an array of business networking events, APPEA 2020 is the place to form new partnerships and strengthen existing  ones.

New for 2020 is the APPEA Panel Series   3 sessions within the Technical and Business Program that will deliver free flowing discussion and debate on a current, relevant topic that is crucial for our industry. Subjects and line ups will be rolled out from March onwards.

APPEA’s keynote speaker program, boasting over 20 international and national industry leaders, stakeholders and global influencers, will be rolled out from March 2020.



Please note the most up-to-date version of the program is noted in the body of this web page below

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19 May
2:00 pm 3:15 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 1: Innovative geoscience
Implementation of seismic data quality characterization using supervised deep learning
J Thorp (Searcher Seismic), K Davies (Discover Geoscience), J Bluteau (Searcher Seismic) and P Hoiles (Discover Geoscience)
Implications of accurate geomechanical modelling and systematic core testing for sanding evaluation and sand control decisions — a case study from Perth Basin
S Asadi, A Khaksar (Baker Hughes GE), M Fabian, R Xiang (Mitsui and Co.), D Dewhurst and C Delle Piane (CSIRO Petroleum)
Creating a 3D image from 2D data using structurally conformable interpolation: A case study from the Beagle subbasin, NWS, Australia
S Notiyal and V Seesaha (TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Co)
Improving exploration efficiency in a frontier basin using CSEM
R Tharimela (EMGS ASA)
CONCURRENT SESSION 2: Operational, production and design innovation
Development of a highly automated mobile rig for the Australia CSG market
A de Mul (Huisman Equipment B.V.)
SURFIM Network: The value of sharing of lessons learned on the industry’s longest running joint industry project regarding SURF facilities integrity management
A Botto (Wood)
Mercury partitioning in oil and gas production systems — design optimisation and risk mitigation through advanced simulation
P Crafts and M Williams (TechnipFMC)
Realising the value from next generation Integrated Operating Centres (IOC)
JC Bernardini, M Lyons, C Stewart and W Merchant (Boston Consulting Group)
CONCURRENT SESSION 3: Decommissioning — new endings and new beginnings
Shaping the decommissioning landscape of tomorrow
A Taylor (National Energy Resources Australia [NERA])
King Reef: An Australian first in repurposing oil and gas infrastructure to benefit regional communities
J Florisson, A Rowland (Recfishwest), E Harvey (Curtin University), M Allen (Subcon), S Watts (Recfishwest) and B Saunders (Curtin University)
NORM inventory forecast for Australian offshore oil and gas decommissioned assets and radioactive waste disposal pathways
S Higgins, S McKay (Curtin University) and P Baker (Wood)
Decommissioning and rehabilitation: what’s tax got to do with it?
K Wee (Deloitte)
CONCURRENT SESSION 4: Digitisation and technology
The Digital Worker - How technology is enhancing safety and productivity in the field
K Taylor and T Walker (Broadspectrum)
Satellite monitoring of fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas facilities in Australia
JF Gauthier (GHGSat)
Shaping the future workforce for the oil and gas sector
J Andrews, L Rolland and T Cotton (EY)
Building an innovation culture and digital skills
S Kalms (Woodside)
3:45 pm 5:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 5: Cooper Basin — Australia’s premier onshore basin keeps on delivering
A new concept for the extraction of gas from Permian ultra-deep coal seams of the Cooper Basin, Australia: Expanding reservoir boundary theory
E Dunlop (The University of Adelaide)
Outcome focused. How to deliver value in a field (re-) development. - A case study from the Cooper-Eromanga Basin, South Australia
S Molyneux, H Wu (Molyneux Advisors), S Delaney, S Presser and A Gongora (Beach Energy)
Re-evaluation of depositional models for the lower Permian Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, South Australia: implications for petroleum exploration
C Wainman and P McCabe (The University of Adelaide)
Unlocking material gas resources - Moomba South case study
H Moriarty, J Clifford, J Donley, and L Maxwell (Santos)
CONCURRENT SESSION 6: The future with digital oilfields
Investment in interoperability reduces OPEX
E Krauss (Wood)
Innovative digital inspection methodology
S Anderson (Intertek)
Digital innovation in subsea integrity management
R Thethi, D Vadel (Clarus Subsea Integrity), M Haning and E Tellier* (2H Offshore Engineering)
Auto-control model building using machine learning regression for extreme response prediction
D Leong and A Bahuguni (Lloyd’s Register)
CONCURRENT SESSION 7: Collaboration — we’re better together
The case for shared infrastructure to unlock resources
K Eberspaecher (Bengal Energy)
Standardization of procurement equipment specifications: Establishing a strong foundation for oil & gas capital project development and delivery
A Postema and T Fletcher* (IOGP)
Making upstream infrastructure collaboration happen
F Tibi, W Lanagan and W Merchant (Boston Consulting Group)
Decision making in oil and gas — collaboration and comparison with space sector
J Crusan (Woodside)
CONCURRENT SESSION 8: People and technology — driving innovation
Investigating the potential human health impacts of coal seam gas development at a study site in the Surat Basin in southern Queensland
C Huddlestone-Holmes (CSIRO), S Rigby, S Van Niekirk, R Mackie (The University of Queensland) and A Walton (CSIRO)
Improving industry safety via real collaboration: A case study from the Queensland CSG sector
M Zaunbrecher (Arrow Energy) and S O’Donnell (Safer Together)
Deploying hydrocarbon monitoring technologies in the 2019 NOFO Oil-on-Water field exercise
X Qi, M Mainson, E Crooke, I Hay, A Ross (CSIRO) and P Irving (Australian Maritime Safety Authority)
Redefining the relationship between the oil company and its vendor
C Davies (BHP) T Allen, C Dempsey and K Mishra (Schlumberger)
Join us for the first of three sessions that will deliver free flowing discussion and debate on a current, relevant topic that is crucial for our industry.
Subjects and line ups will be rolled out from March onwards.
20 May
11:15 am 12:30 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 10: Opening new prospectivity on the North West Shelf
Comprehensive basin-wide 3D petroleum systems modeling providing new insights into proven petroleum systems and remaining prospectivity in the Exmouth Sub-basin, Australia
O Schenk (Schlumberger) C Dempsey, R Benson, M Cheng (BHP Billiton), S Tewari (Schlumberger), A Karvelas and G Bancalà (Schlumberger)
The Paleozoic prospectivity of the Browse Basin, Australia
S Amiribesheli, J Davies (Discover Geoscience) and J Thorp (Searcher Seismic)
Dorado discovery — unlocking a major new oil and gas play in the Bedout Sub-basin
M Thompson (Santos)
CONCURRENT SESSION 11: Maintenance, safety and risk 1
Real-time integrated process monitoring systems for operational guidance
K Alef, J Curry, R Malhotra and D Golczynski (Wood)
Cost reductions through converting offshore platforms from permanently manned to manned-evacuated
M Keys (Atkins)
Revolutionising confined space safety management – a case study
E Daher (Southern Cross University) and D Dowd* (United Safety)
Earthquake risk management for oil and gas infrastructures in north west of Australia
M Banimahd, S Tyler, M Kuo and F Chow (Woodside)
CONCURRENT SESSION 12: Environmental research and innovation — protecting Australia’s marine environment
The effect of marine seismic surveys on the movement, abundance and community structure of demersal fish assemblages on the North West Shelf, Australia
M Meekan, C Speed, R McCauley, J Semmens, S Newman, R Fisher and M Parsons (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
‘Who’s down with OPP?’ Learnings from recent submissions
C Weller and N Kerp (Green Light Environmental)
Identifying pan-industry common contributors to major accident events
J Mitchell and A Turnbull (NOPSEMA)
Working together to establish a world class mercury recovery facility for the Australian LNG industry
J Pittson (Woodside) and J Kerferd (Contract Resources)
CONCURRENT SESSION 13: Diversity and inclusion
From diversity to inclusion
R Lyall (Woodside)
Chevron’s journey in keeping diversity and inclusion on the agenda
E Shaw (KPMG) and C Watts (Chevron Australia)
Presentation on Diversity - TBC
APPEA presents the second of three panel sessions that will deliver free flowing discussion and debate on a current, relevant topic that is crucial for our industry.
Subjects and line ups will be rolled out from March onwards.
2:00 pm 3:15 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 15: PESA — 2019 in review
Australian exploration review 2019
Cockerill (Risc Advisory)
Production and development across Australia 2019
M Quinn (IHS Markit)
Business environment review 2019
S Molyneux (Molyneux Advisors)
CONCURRENT SESSION 16: Carbon capture and storage — the new frontier
CarbonNet progress towards a declaration of identified storage formation at the Pelican site, with a new high-resolution 3D seismic data
N Hoffman (Victoria Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources)
The CSIRO in-situ Laboratory in south western Australia: A field laboratory for de-risking carbon storage
K Michael, L Ricard, L Stalker, A Hortle* (CSIRO Energy) and A Avijegon (GASS Petroleum Consulting)
Technical de-risking of a CCUS project for final investment decision in Australia
M Bagheri (CO2CRC), R Pevzner (Curtin University), C Jenkins (CSIRO), M Raab and P Barraclough (CO2CRC)
Evaluation of the Petrel Sub-Basin as a northern Australia CO2 store: Future decarbonisation hub?
L Stalker, D Dewhurst, B Clennell (CSIRO), Y Suhardiman A Maxwell (ENI Australia), F Masserano, F Boccuni, C Toscano and D Castano (ENI Milan)
CONCURRENT SESSION 17: The cutting edge of industry technical innovations
The importance of ambient cure for high-temperature coatings
G Ross (AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Ltd) Presenter only: G White* (AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Ltd)
Coal fracturing through liquid nitrogen treatment: A micro-computed tomography study
H Akhondzadeh, A Keshavarz, AZ Al-Yaseri, S Iglauer (Edith Cowan University) and M Lebedev (Curtin University)
The application of dynamic modelling technique on the pipeline drying operation during pre-commissioning
D Chen, A Duff and J Willcocks (Wood)
A new generation of catalyst deactivation, removal and loading technology in the LNG industry
M Draca and S Tyszta (Santos)
CONCURRENT SESSION 18: Developing markets — renewables and hydrogen
Reconciling the marriage of renewables and gas in the Australian energy market
J Stabler (Energy Edge)
A hydrogen future?
J Arnott (KPMG)
Is hydrogen Asia’s new energy commodity? Opportunities and challenges for Australia
D Low, A Rodger, B Gallagher and P Sharma (Wood Mackenzie)
Hydrogen innovation: discover development hotspots with patent landscaping
R Baddeley (Watermark)
CONCURRENT SESSION 19: Employee wellbeing and resilience - approaches to a happy, healthy workplace
Adjusting to working away and as an expatriate: Learnings on what organisations can do to promote the mental health and well-being of workers and their families
M Freeman (Performance Science HPO)
The impact of FIFO on the health and well-being of employees: What organisations can do to mitigate the risks and improve outcomes
E Brook (Murdoch University), M Freeman (Performance Science HPO), and G Ditchburn (Murdoch University)
Smashing the stigma in mental health — the role of leaders in creating a psychologically safe environment
A Feringa (The Jonah Group)
3:45 pm 5:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 20: New life for the southern margins
New insights into the stratigraphy of the Otway Basin
B Bendall (South Australia Department for Energy and Mining), A Forbes (Chemostrat Australia Pty), D Revie, R Eid, S Herley (Geological Survey of Victoria) and T Hill (South Australian Government)
New insights into the organic geochemistry of the Otway Basin
T Hill, B Bendall (South Australia Department for Energy and Mining) and A Murray (Murray Partners PPSA)
Santonian to Maastrichtian organic-rich mudrocks of the Hammerhead Delta, Bight Basin: Analogues for the White Pointer and Tiger deltaic sequences?
R Kempton, A Ross*, R Schinteie (CSIRO), A Partridge (Biostrata), S Gong, A Talukder, A Pickard, C Trefry and C Stalvies (CSIRO)
Creative steps to bring new gas supply to the south-east Australia domestic gas market – Sole after 42 years
E Glavas (Cooper Energy)
CONCURRENT SESSION 21:Maintenance, safety and risk — next generation learnings
Process safety ‘learning the hard way’
S Cooper (Advisian)
Management of well integrity risks: Understanding ageing facilities and inactive wells
D O’Keeffe (NOPSEMA)
The next generation of risk based inspection for CSG wells
J Everson*(Wood) and S Collins* (Origin)
Using machine learning to enhance operator performance
D Walker and R Byfield* (Yokogawa)
CONCURRENT SESSION 22: IOGP — learnings and discussion from around the globe
IOGP Global Production Report and Production Indicator©
A Checchi (IOGP)
From global upstream safety data to action
O Skår, M Carvalho (IOGP), K Walker* (Schlumberger) and W Poore (IOGP)
Upstream industry collaboration delivers refreshed life-saving rules
O Skår, M Carvalho (IOGP), K Walker (Schlumberger), O Adeogun (Husky Energy) and K Pedersen (Equinor)
Putting safety leadership thinking into practice
O Skår, M Carvalho, S Robinson (BP) and T Andersen* (Woodside)
CONCURRENT SESSION 23: Community engagement — we’re in this together
Mapping traditional ecological knowledge of sea country to understand biodiversity and areas of cultural importance
C Streten, H Davies, R Galaiduk (Australian Institute of Marine Science), T Lui Yuen and T Rangers (ENI Australia)
Lessons Learnt from the GasFields Commission Queensland Experience - a unique communications and engagement model
C Collins (GasFields Commission Queensland)
Lessons from five years of GISERA economic research
T Measham, D Fleming-Munoz, L Poruschi, and R Martinez (CSIRO)
APPEA presents in this new series for the Conference, a truly interactive panel session that will deliver free flowing discussion and debate on a current, relevant topic that is crucial for our industry.
Subjects and line ups will be rolled out from March onwards.
21 May
11:15 am 1:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 25: Developing the North
Exploring for the future — new frontier oil and gas in northern Australia
P Henson, D Robinson, L Carr, C Carson, D Edwards, C Boreham, A Jarrett, L Hall, S MacFarlane, C Southby, K Khider, B Bradshaw, A Bailey, J Anderson, T Palu, L Wang and E Grosjean (Geoscience Australia)
The Hayfield Sandstone Play: The characterisation of a mesoproterozoic sourced, proterozoic sandstone reservoired, tight oil and gas play in the Beetaloo Basin
C Altmann, B Richards, A Cote, C Bein, E Baruch-Jurado and L Jenkinson (Origin Energy)
A geochemical investigation into the resource potential of the Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson Basin and greater McArthur Basin, northern Australia
A Jarrett, L Hall, S MacFarlane, L Carr, A Bailey, D Champion, C Boreham, T Palu, L Wang, D Edwards, E Grosjean (Geoscience Australia), T Munson (Northern Territory Geological Survey), Z Li (CSIRO), J Brocks (The Australian National University) and P Henson (Geoscience Australia)
Thermal maturity and reservoir quality of the Velkerri Formation, Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Northern Territory
C Delle Piane (CSIRO Petroleum), I Uysal, F Mohinudeen, Z Pan, J Bourdet, Z Li, M Raven and D Dewhurst (CSIRO)
CONCURRENT SESSION 26: Recovery technologies and carbon management
The role of carbon nano particles in green enhanced oil recovery
B Haq, D Al Shehri (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), A Al Damegh, A Al Muhawesh (Saudi Aramco)
Impact of the stress state and the natural network of fractures/faults on the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing operations in the Goldwyer shale
PP Mandal, R Rezaee (Curtin University) and J Sarout (CSIRO Australian Resources Research Centre)
Effects of geochemical reactions on multi-phase flow in porous media during CO2 injection
M Seyyedi, A Giwelli, C White, L Esteban, M Verrall and B Clennell (CSIRO)
A technology road map for the low carbon production of hydrocarbons
C Anderson (Worley)
CONCURRENT SESSION 27: Low Carbon Future: The future is now - lower emissions and decarbonization
The role of the tax system in a greener future
J O’Hare (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
The scalability challenge — pathways to future decarbonisation and the impact on the oil and gas industry
G Thompson (Wood Mackenzie)
Reducing cost of CCUS associated with natural gas production by improving monitoring technologies
M Bagheri (CO2CRC), S Ryan (Chevron Australia), D Byers, M Raab, and Y Vesely (CO2CRC)
Santos energy solutions: Targeting a lower-carbon future and underpinning our sustainability
F Wademan (Santos)
Reducing methane losses across the gas value chain — Woodside journey to excellence
J Pittson, A Convery and I Kenwery (Woodside)
CONCURRENT SESSION 28: Gas markets – supply, demand and competition
East coast gas crisis? With plenty of gas available, what’s the real issue?
M Wilkes (RISC)
Evaluating the sources and impact of new east coast gas supply
D Levy (Rystad Energy)
Lowering the cost of funds for exploration: The case for tax-based equity financing incentives
K Wee (Deloitte)
Can Australian LNG continue to be competitive?
D Toleman (Wood Mackenzie)
The impact of north American shale gas on LNG pricing: What it means for Australia’s LNG and domestic gas future
M Wilkes (RISC)

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