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The APPEA 2020 Conference Program will drive in-depth discussion and debate for the industry and its leaders with the theme – Energy for a better Australia. International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us. Combined with an array of business networking events, APPEA 2020 is the place to form new partnerships and strengthen existing  ones.

New for 2020 is the APPEA Panel Series   3 sessions within the Technical and Business Program that will deliver free flowing discussion and debate on a current, relevant topic that is crucial for our industry. Subjects and line ups will be rolled out from March onwards.

APPEA’s keynote speaker program, boasting over 20 international and national industry leaders, stakeholders and global influencers, will be rolled out from March 2020.



Please note the most up-to-date version of the program is noted in the body of this web page below

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21 May
7:30 am 3:00 pm
Conference registration
Central Foyer
8:00 am 3:00 pm
APPEA 2020 Exhibition
Exhibition Hall

Join us for the final day of the APPEA 2020 Exhibition. The perfect place to visit an array of exhibiting companies and catch up with your business contacts.

Note: the exhibition closes at 3pm today.

8:00 am 3:00 pm
APPEA 2020 Technical and Business Poster Presentations
Exhibition Hall

Take this final opportunity to view the posters in the Exhibition Hall before the Hall closes at 3.00pm.

View the current poster presentation listing.

8:00 am 3:00 pm
KPMG Meeting Zone
Exhibition Hall

An ideal place to meet for an hour, with two private meeting areas seating up to eight people.

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8:30 am
PLENARY SESSION 4: Federal Opposition Address
Riverside Theatre
8:45 am 10:30 am
PLENARY SESSION 4: State Government Ministers’ Panel
Riverside Theatre
Safe and sustainable oil and gas operations, returns to and support of the community and an attractive investment environment. Can we achieve the trifecta?
Oil and gas resources are owned by the Australian people. Governments regulate the industry and its access to these resources, on behalf of the Australian people. In developing the policy and regulatory framework, governments need to be mindful of the safe and sustainable operation of the industry, and to ensure that the owners of those resources receive a fair return from their development. At the same time, governments need to ensure their jurisdiction is an attractive destination for oil and gas investment, so that the industry can undertake the exploration and development required to provide energy for a better Australia.
Following a keynote address by the Federal Opposition, this second keynote panel, facilitated by a key political commentator, will bring together state and territory government ministers responsible for resources and energy for a frank discussio0n. Ministers will provide their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities they face in developing a policy framework for the industry and how respective governments and industry can work together.
Speakers, subjects and further details will be released from March 2020 onwards.
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10:30 am 11:15 am
Morning Tea in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

The great food and refreshments just keep on coming!  Grab a cuppa and keep exploring the APPEA Exhibition on this final day of the conference.

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11:15 am 1:00 pm
CONCURRENT SESSION 25: Developing the North
Exploring for the future — new frontier oil and gas in northern Australia
P Henson, D Robinson, L Carr, C Carson, D Edwards, C Boreham, A Jarrett, L Hall, S MacFarlane, C Southby, K Khider, B Bradshaw, A Bailey, J Anderson, T Palu, L Wang and E Grosjean (Geoscience Australia)
The Hayfield Sandstone Play: The characterisation of a mesoproterozoic sourced, proterozoic sandstone reservoired, tight oil and gas play in the Beetaloo Basin
C Altmann, B Richards, A Cote, C Bein, E Baruch-Jurado and L Jenkinson (Origin Energy)
A geochemical investigation into the resource potential of the Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson Basin and greater McArthur Basin, northern Australia
A Jarrett, L Hall, S MacFarlane, L Carr, A Bailey, D Champion, C Boreham, T Palu, L Wang, D Edwards, E Grosjean (Geoscience Australia), T Munson (Northern Territory Geological Survey), Z Li (CSIRO), J Brocks (The Australian National University) and P Henson (Geoscience Australia)
Thermal maturity and reservoir quality of the Velkerri Formation, Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Northern Territory
C Delle Piane (CSIRO Petroleum), I Uysal, F Mohinudeen, Z Pan, J Bourdet, Z Li, M Raven and D Dewhurst (CSIRO)
CONCURRENT SESSION 26: Recovery technologies and carbon management
The role of carbon nano particles in green enhanced oil recovery
B Haq, D Al Shehri (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), A Al Damegh, A Al Muhawesh (Saudi Aramco)
Impact of the stress state and the natural network of fractures/faults on the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing operations in the Goldwyer shale
PP Mandal, R Rezaee (Curtin University) and J Sarout (CSIRO Australian Resources Research Centre)
Effects of geochemical reactions on multi-phase flow in porous media during CO2 injection
M Seyyedi, A Giwelli, C White, L Esteban, M Verrall and B Clennell (CSIRO)
A technology road map for the low carbon production of hydrocarbons
C Anderson (Worley)
CONCURRENT SESSION 27: Low Carbon Future: The future is now - lower emissions and decarbonization
The role of the tax system in a greener future
J O’Hare (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
The scalability challenge — pathways to future decarbonisation and the impact on the oil and gas industry
G Thompson (Wood Mackenzie)
Reducing cost of CCUS associated with natural gas production by improving monitoring technologies
M Bagheri (CO2CRC), S Ryan (Chevron Australia), D Byers, M Raab, and Y Vesely (CO2CRC)
Santos energy solutions: Targeting a lower-carbon future and underpinning our sustainability
F Wademan (Santos)
Reducing methane losses across the gas value chain — Woodside journey to excellence
J Pittson, A Convery and I Kenwery (Woodside)
CONCURRENT SESSION 28: Gas markets – supply, demand and competition
East coast gas crisis? With plenty of gas available, what’s the real issue?
M Wilkes (RISC)
Evaluating the sources and impact of new east coast gas supply
D Levy (Rystad Energy)
Lowering the cost of funds for exploration: The case for tax-based equity financing incentives
K Wee (Deloitte)
Can Australian LNG continue to be competitive?
D Toleman (Wood Mackenzie)
The impact of north American shale gas on LNG pricing: What it means for Australia’s LNG and domestic gas future
M Wilkes (RISC)
1:00 pm 2:30 pm
Networking Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

All delegates are invited to enjoy lunch in the exhibition halls as you explore the exhibits that represent the leading producers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry. The exhibition will close after lunch today.

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1:00 pm 2:30 pm
Authors' Lunch

By Invitation Only

APPEA thanks its authors who have delivered the high-calibre papers and presentations as part of the technical and business program. These presentations play a significant role in the continuing success of the
conference and are compiled to become the prestigious APPEA Journal. This lunch is a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle with your fellow authors and listen to a guest speaker before the final conference session for 2020.

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1:30 pm 2:30 pm
Hot Topics Discussion in the EY Collaboration Centre
Exhibition Hall

Whether it’s a meeting with a new business contact, following up a lead or simply sitting back to relax with a coffee, the EY Collaboration Centre is the place to be. A number are scheduled ‘hot topics’ and issues in the industry will be explored at the collaboration centre. Join fellow delegates, APPEA & EY specialists, along with conference speakers for lively discussion and networking.

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2:30 pm 4:15 pm
PLENARY SESSION 5: Shifting The Dial
Riverside Theatre
One of the biggest challenges facing the industry now, and into the future, is the public and community perception of our activities. This includes our role in the communities in which we operate, our interaction with the environment, our role in energy supply and our sustainability in a low carbon future.
In this final session, speakers and our panel will present on key initiatives that have been taken in this space, on the different points of view that exist about our industry and how other industries have ‘shifted the dial’ around perceptions of their activities. A session aimed to inform, educate and provoke discussion and to get to the key issues, challenges and opportunities when it comes to the industry ‘shifting the dial’ of public perception.
Speakers, subjects and line ups will be released from March 2020 onwards.
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Conference Closing Address
4:00 pm 4:15 pm
Conference Closing Address
Riverside Theatre
4:15 pm 6:15 pm
Farewell Cocktails

Close out another successful APPEA Conference and Exhibition. Join fellow delegates for a drink, some good music and a final opportunity to network and debrief after an information-packed conference.

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APPEA Conference and Exhibition 2020
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