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The APPEA 2018 conference technical program incorporates an extensive poster series based on accepted papers. The posters are categorised in the disciplines of Geoscience, Engineering and Business.  Extended abstracts or full papers of these posters will be included in the online conference journal available after the Conference.

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* indicates the presenter if not lead author. Correct as of Dec 2017 & subject to change.

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The poster series will be on display in the exhibition:

  • Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 May, 8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Thursday 17 May, 8:00am to 3:00pm

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend the ‘Meet the Authors’ event in the poster presentation area on Tuesday 15 May from 3.15pm – 6.00pm to discuss the posters with the authors.

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In-situ stress and natural fractures in the Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia
G Jepson, R King, S Holford (University of Adelaide), A Bailey (Geoscience Australia) and M Hand (University of Adelaide)

Petroleum source rocks of Western Australia
KA Ghori (Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety)

Drilling Data Analysis of Deep Coal Seams of the Cooper Basin
A Salmachi*, E Dunlop* and M Rajabi (University of Adelaide)

Numerical investigation of dynamic and static properties of reservoir rocks
M Abdolghafurian and M Sarmadivaleh (Curtin University)

The future of marine geochemical surveys?
R Dinsdale (Blue Ocean Monitoring)

Determining paleo-structural environments through natural fracture and calcite twin analyses: a case study in the Otway Basin, Australia
H Burgin, K Amrouch, M Rajabi, D Kulikowski and S Holford (University of Adelaide)

Geoscience evolution: extensive data integration for real time geosteering and modeling in unconventional reservoirs
V Payrazyan, I Kuvaev and I Uvarov (ROGII Inc.)

Composition changes of hydrocarbons during secondary petroleum migration
S Borazjani, D Kulikowski, K Amrouch, P McCabe, P Bedrikovetsky* (University of Adelaide)

The permeability structure of fault zones in sedimentary basins: a case study at the Castle Cove Fault, Otway Basin
N Debenham, S Holford, R King (University of Adelaide), N Farrell and D Healy (University of Aberdeen)

Effects of near surface geology on velocity modelling and time-depth relationships: case study Cooper-Eromanga- Lake Eyre Basin
A Manka (University of Adelaide), G Buick, R Menpes, L Gardiner (Beach Energy), Cameron Jones and K Amrouch (University of Adelaide)

Gas leakage from coal seam gas reservoirs
S Zhu, Z Du (Southwest Petroleum University), A Salmachi (University of Adelaide), C Li and X Peng
(Southwest Petroleum University)

Investigating depth structure uncertainty for horizontal well placement, Bauer Field, Cooper Basin
E Shirley and D Loggie (Beach Energy)

An outcrop analogue for deepwater salt withdrawal mini basins: lateral and vertical variations in basin-fill
B Fernandes (University of Adelaide)

Mapping geology beneath volcanics using magnetic data
I Kivior, S Markham, L Mellon (Archimedes Consulting) and D Boyd (University of Adelaide)

Determination of cementation exponent in shales
E Malekimostaghim, M Sarmadivaleh and R Gholami (Curtin University)

Full waveform inversion: early start of model building process to resolve the complex near surface model in the Exmouth Basin, North West Shelf Australia
L Zhang*, H Trihutomo, Y Gong (Schlumerger Australia), B J Lim* (WesternGeco) and A Karvelas (Schlumberger Australia)



Impact of injected water salinity on CO2 storage efficiency in homogenous reservoirs
E Al-Khdheeawi, S Vialle, A Barifcani, M Sarmadivaleh and S Iglauer (Curtin University)

Foam drainage on proppant settling in the presence of nanoparticles
Y Fei, M Perdomo and M Haghighi (University of Adelaide)

Laboratory evaluation of Biot constant and pore pressure influence in the poroelastic behaviour of rocks
H Salemi, S Iglauer, A Rezagholilou and M Sarmadivaleh (Curtin University)

The impact of clay type and water composition on low salinity water (LSW) injection as an EOR Method—a visualization approach
T Amirian and M Haghighi (University of Adelaide)

Streamlining ‘environment in design’ decision making—from concept to operations in major development projects
J Barrow (Jacobs Australia)

Why aren’t decisions for oil and gas projects always made the way they ‘should’ be?
D Newman, S Begg and M Welsh (University of Adelaide)

Monitoring the performance effectiveness of your safety instrumented system
A Yam (Yokogawa Australia)

Longford Liquids Pipeline (LLP) project
D Bapat* and D Standfield* (presenter only)

An experimental investigation of surface roughness analysis during hydraulic fracturing
A Movassagh (University of Adelaide), D Kasperczyk (CSIRO), M Haghighi (University of Adelaide), X Zhang (CSIRO) and M Sayyafzadeh (University of Adelaide)

Well productivity enhancement applying nano-fluids for wettability alteration
S Naik, G Malgaresi, Z You and P Bedrikovetski (University of Adelaide)

Psyllium husk performance in drilling fluid at elevated temperature and pressure conditions
S Ly, X Yu, X Zhang and A Salmachi* (University of Adelaide)

Effect of curing conditions on the structural integrity of oil well cements
E Arjomand, T Bennett and G Nguyen (University of Adelaide)

Injectivity formation damage due to fines migration: laboratory study and analytical model
L Boechat Chequer (University of Adelaide), M Bagheri (Santos), A Zeinijahromi and P Bedrikovetsky (University of Adelaide)

Low-salinity water flooding – cost effective EOR: laboratory and mathematical modelling
A Al-Sarihi, S Borazjani, Z You, A Zeinijahromi and P Bedrikovetski* (University of Adelaide)

A new effective method to measure relative permeability
A Al-Sarihi, Z You (University of Adelaide), A Behr, L Genolet, P Kowollik (Wintershall Holding GmbH), A Zeinijahromi and P Bedrikovetski* (University of Adelaide)

Study of phase behaviour and ionic effect of green surfactants in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)
B Haq (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), J Liu (University of Western Australia) and K Liu
(China University of Petroleum—East China)

Impact of pre-existing natural fractures and stress anisotropy on flow-back and gas production in a hydraulically fractured tight sand in Cooper Basin
S Sarkar, M Haghighi and M Sayyafzadeh (University of Adelaide)

The insensitivity of thermal diffusivity of natural sediments to saturation
A Ezdini and M Sarmadivaleh (Curtin University)



Review and proposed extension of the APPEA method for estimating levels of financial assurance
D Horn, K Downey (GHD) and A Taylor (APPEA)

The future of OHS inspections using intrinsically safe mobile technology
N Shibi (Techs4biz)

South Australia’s power crisis: renewables, batteries and the future role of gas
N Browne (Wood Mackenzie)

The prisoner’s dilemma: gaming risk in joint venture gas arrangements
S McAlister-Smiley* and J Spanjaard* (Deloitte)

Working together to reduce land transport safety risk in the CSG sector—can we ever do enough?
J King*, M Zaunbrecher* and B Yeong* (Arrow Energy)

Big oil in 2030: thriving in a carbon constrained future
B Cullinane* (Deloitte) and S McGill* (Tawa Clean Energy)

Australian LNG investment booms of the 1980s and 2000s: insights for the next expansion phase
M Stickells (University of Western Australia)

Using risk connectivity and contagion to add value—how analytics are revolutionising the approach to risk
C Cobarg-Sugars (KPMG)

Resolving double taxation in a global environment—mutual assistance procedure and arbitration
S Blakelock (KPMG)

Cost recovery: when reducing costs for an asset can increase costs for an operator
R Ludwig (KPMG)

Setting up for shared, sustainable success—collaboration in action
A Samuel* (Deloitte), M Brierley*, S McKeon* (Woodside Energy) and B Deegan* (Deloitte Consulting)

The smart money: driving shareholder value through better capital allocation
S Reid (Deloitte)

Empowering Australia in the Global Oil and Gas Standardisation initiative
M Taylor (NERA), J Fallon*, T Fletcher (Woodside Energy) and A Woodhams (TAM Consultants)

Environmental reference cases: optimising the EP approvals process

A case study of the benefits of a portfolio approach to late life asset decision making
J Collins (RISC Advisory)

A comprehensive approach to safe and successful asset operatorship transition
S Heinemann and N Clegg (Upstream Production Solutions)

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