Poster Presentations

The APPEA 2017 conference technical program incorporates an extensive poster series based on accepted papers. Extended abstracts or full papers of these posters will be included in the conference proceedings provided after the Conference.

The poster series will be on display in the exhibition from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th , and 8:00am to 3:00pm Wednesday 17th June 2016.

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend the ‘Meet the Authors’ event in the poster presentation area on Monday 15 May from 3.15pm – 6.00pm to discuss the posters with the authors.

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Integrated 3D basin and petroleum systems modelling of the Great Australian Bight
E Frery (CSIRO), M Ducros (IFPEN), L Langhi, J Strand and A Ross (CSIRO)


Getting it right the first time in the Ceduna Sub-Basin: regional and target depth imaging in a frontier setting
W Koh (Petroleum Geo-Services)


Evolution of the outer basin high, Ceduna Sub-basin, southern Australia
J Cunneen, C Grigg and E Keating (Department of Applied Geology, Curtin University)


Petroleum migration in the Bight Basin: a fluid inclusion approach to constraining source, composition and timing
R Kempton, J Bourdet, S Gong, A Ross (CSIRO) and J Pironon (GeoRessources laboratory, Universite de Lorraine)


Sweet-spot mapping of the Goldwyer Formation through formation evaluation and property modelling in the Canning Basin, Barbwire Terrace case study
M Alshakhs* and R Rezaee* (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University)


Lithofacies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree gas plays in the Cooper Basin, South Australia
F Guo and P McCabe (Australian School of Petroleum, The University of Adelaide)


Imaging below seafloor canyons and other rugose features
D Fell, K Dyal (WesternGeco), T Hallam and S Nixon (Origin)


Enhancing SAR seep interpretation with broadband seismic data: a case study from the Timor Trough
R Edwards, M Sanderson (CGG NPA), P Martinez Duran (CGG Geoconsulting), G Duval (CGG Multiclient New Ventures) and M King (CGG NPA) Presenter: Heather Carey (CHH NPA)


Interpretative filtering
L Ajjabou (Estimages France), M Bourdais*, N Gritsajuk, S Lacaze and J-P Adam (Ellis SAS)


Polynomial amplitude versus azimuth inversion in horizontally transverse isotropic media
J Kremor, R Taylor, K Amrouch (Woodside)


South west hub project, Western Australia: appraising ‘migration assisted’ containment for carbon storage in sandstone strata
D Van Gent, M Burke(Department of Mines and Petroleum, Western Australia) and S Sharma (Carbon Projects Pty Ltd)


When, where and how a field scale 4D geomechanical model should be built
A Younessi (Baker Hughes Australasia)


Impact of faults and compartmentalization on geological carbon storage estimates in highly faulted basins
J Poesse, LP Ricard* and A Hortle (CSIRO – ARRC)


Portfolio analysis of petroleum fields and prospects—a robust statistical method
A Vujovic (Applied Geology, Curtin University), R Gupta (Mathematics, Curtin University) and GC Smith (Applied Geology, Curtin University)


Regional parametric sensitivity analysis of Walloon Subgroup CSG production
D Shields and F Zhou (Earth Science, University of Queensland), J Esterle (University of Queensland)


Using precise CA-TIMS ages of volcanic air-fall tuff beds in correlating the Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin, Australia
C Wainman and P McCabe (Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide)


Petroleum systems analysis of the northern Houtman sub-basin
LS Hall, E Grosjean, I Borissova, C Southby, R Owens, G Bernardel and C Mitchell (Geoscience Australia)


Integrated petroleum systems analysis to understand the source of fluids in the Browse Basin, Australia
T Palu, LS Hall, E Grosjean*, D Edwards, N Rollet, K Higgins, , C Boreham (Geoscience Australia), A Murray (Murray Partners), D Nguyen, K Khider and T Buckler (Geoscience Australia)


Anisotropy parameter inversion from sonic and density logs in horizontally transverse isotropic media
J Kremor, K Amrouch (Woodside)



Not all Barrels are Created Equal: Understanding the Difference between Standards of Regulatory Disclosure can Impact Your Investment Decisions
A McMullen and W Chung (Sproule International Ltd)


Lean offshore platform design
D Sage, M Bieganski and A Grant (Aker Solutions ASA)


How to effectively manage production facility low temperature exposure risk
J Bonini (S2V Consulting)


Natural catastrophe risk modelling for northwest Australia offshore installations
T Inamura (Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc.), F Lobo, R Hirose and H Sano (Sompo Canopius)


Green enhanced oil recovery (GEOR)—a case study of Australian oil fields
B Haq (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), J Liu (School of Mechanical & Chemical Engineering, University of Western Australia) and K Liu (Petroleum Geoscience Research and Centre RIPED, PetroChina)


Recirculation of clean fluid to improve the efficiency of progressive cavity pumps (PCPs)
J Martin (Steelhead Energy Services)


The digital workforce—disruptive technologies changing the way work gets done
C Jordan (Accenture Australia)


Determination of T2 cut-off for shale reservoirs: A case study from the Carynginia Formation, Perth Basin, Western Australia
N Testamanti, R Rezaee (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University), Y Yuan (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University and China University of Petroleum Huadong) and D Pan (Curtin University)


Cryogenic expansion joint for LNG service
M Lu, C Wheeler and S Weir (Clough Ltd)


Case study: effects on Coal Seam Gas (CSG) well production with installation of wellhead compression (oil flooded rotary screw type)—early outcomes of an Australian trial of 4 wells in the Bowen Basin
TM Presley (Johnson Controls Inc), E Kurnia and B Wronski (Origin Energy Ltd)


Demonstrating good practice in the safe operation of gas assets with predictive analytics
H Engelbrecht* (Woodside) and N Abbaspour* (Accenture Australia)


Reservoir to market – generating cost reduction by coupling the surface facilities with reservoir data through integrated asset modelling


Integrated Predrill and Real-time Geomechanical Modelling Brings Significant Benefits to Deepwater Wildcat Exploration Drilling Campaign – A Case Study
MS Asadi, A Ghosh (Baker Hughes Australasia), S Bordoloi and MM Reese (Baker Hughes Inc)


Influence of brine salinity on CO2-plume migration and trapping capacity in deep saline aquifers
E Al-Khdheeawi (Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University), S Vialle (Department of Exploration Geophysics, Curtin University), A Barifcani (Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University), M Sarmadivaleh (Curtin University) and S Iglauer (Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University)


Correction of laboratory gas permeability measurements using Klinkenberg type correction models
TG Hoang (Australian School of Petroleum, The University of Adelaide), P Behrenbruch and MT Do Huu (Bear and Brook Consulting)



What happens when quantum computing re-defines the assessment of investment risk?
M Laybourn and J Pascoe (Accenture Australia)


Ready to collaborate? Operator and Supply Chain under the spotlight
M Lynn, A Samuel, (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Australia)


Our Focus Needs More Focus: Aligning Project Risks And Expenditure For Better Environmental Outcomes
G Bartrim (Origin Energy) and L Hahn (Lorax Environmental Services)


Decommissioning and remediation challenges for the petroleum industry
PF Shaw (Decomrem Holdings Pty Ltd)


Creating a resilient management system delivering a flexible foundation for growth in an energy organisation
S Barlow (Woodside)


The internet of things (IoT) is transforming the oil and gas industry—reducing cost, improving operational efficiency, increasing safety and helping tap into new markets
P Hogarth-Scott and B Wheeler (KPMG)


Faster, higher, stronger: the competitive advantage of efficient data management for front-end decision-making
N Blundell (Arrow Energy)


50 years delivering efficient, cost effective power and temperature/humidity control solutions
CJ Wheeler (Aggreko Generator Rentals Pty Ltd)


Remote operations centres—what next?
AC Sandilya and B Farrell* (EY LLP)


Tax transparency is not just about tax
J Rintoul (EY)

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