Welcome from the Premier of Queensland & APPEA Chairman

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

Premier of Queensland 

Queensland is an energy powerhouse. As the largest onshore gas producer in Australia, we are delighted to host the APPEA 2019 Conference and Exhibition, and as Premier of the State, I warmly welcome you to Brisbane.

With world-class petroleum and gas reserves, our State has developed an unprecedented

$70 billion onshore gas industry in eight years. Gas is now our second largest export commodity, and we are currently ranked as the fourth largest LNG exporter in the world.

Queensland offers significant opportunities for exploration investment with proven gas reserves and access to infrastructure to get the gas from well to market.

We are well and truly open for business.

In June 2018 we announced the release of more than 43 000 square kilometres of land for oil and gas exploration – the largest amount ever released under the State’s exploration program . This program ,  which  schedules  land  releases  via  competitive  tender  over 18 months, is part of my Government’s commitment to build a strong economy, support long-term export contracts, which were worth $11.4 billion to the local economy last year alone, and create more jobs for Queenslanders.

We have taken action to increase the supply of domestic gas by making a number of land releases areas conditional on the gas produced being for domestic use only. Queensland is actively working with the Federal Government as part of the Gas Acceleration Program to help get more gas into the domestic market by 2020.

Gas is an economic enabler for our industrial and manufacturing sectors. To ensure these sectors and the economy thrives, they need confidence in a reliable and affordable gas supply. Gas is also playing a critical role here and globally as a transition fuel as we move to a renewable energy future.

In Queensland there are opportunities for junior and major explorers with massive gas reserves, plenty of unexplored land in frontier basins, and capacity to tap into existing infrastructure.

I thank you for your support and confidence in our oil and gas industry, and I encourage you to enjoy the sites, and sights, of our resource-filled  State.





Zoe Yujnovich

APPEA Chairman 

Following several years of uncertainty and challenging conditions, there is a renewed confidence in Australia’s oil and gas industry, which is highlighted by expanding production, new projects, large-scale investment and stronger revenue.

The upbeat outlook has been fueled by Australia’s domestic gas industry which is growing rapidly, creating valuable jobs, export income and tax revenue.

Today, gas is vital to our national economy and modern lifestyles so providing a reliable and affordable supply of gas to local customers remains a focus.

While companies’ have experienced growth, there are many challenges facing the industry and the global energy market more broadly.  These include producing more and cleaner energy for customers and delivering greater economic value while maintaining competitiveness.

The debate over meeting Australia’s and the world’s energy needs, while reducing emissions, has never been more important.

The 2019 APPEA Conference and Exhibition in Brisbane will provide an exciting opportunity for the industry to meet and engage on key issues.

Embracing the theme Navigating the Future, the three-day conference program will include world-class speakers as well as international experts and Australian business leaders outlining the latest case studies, opinions and technical knowledge on key issues facing the industry.

APPEA has assembled the largest technical and business program ever, including four additional concurrent sessions.

The plenary program will cover issues such as:

  • The future’s not what it used to be – The new energy landscape – unprecedented change in the global energy system.
  • Domestic gas markets – what is the way forward for the industry and for policymakers?
  • Navigating a cleaner energy future – how does the oil and gas industry survive and thrive?

The industry’s pursuit of continuous improvements in safety will also be a key focus along with our commitment to high standards to protect the safety, integrity and health of people, the environment and local communities.

This year, we are seeking to deliver another exciting Youth Program and the industry is looking forward to engaging with the Queensland schools to highlight rewarding careers in the oil and gas sector.

Once again, there will be a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness, community and stakeholder engagement as well as operational issues.

We sincerely thank our principal sponsors — Woodside and Clough — for their ongoing support. The support from all our sponsors is both appreciated and essential to the success of this annual event.

APPEA 2019 will unite oil and gas professionals, industry leaders, politicians, analysts, media and policymakers from around Australia and across the globe.

I look forward to seeing you in Brisbane.

Zoe Yujnovich
APPEA Chairman

APPEA Conference and Exhibition 2019
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