Meeting Zone

Need a place to meet for an hour? Take advantage of the KPMG Meeting Zone in the Exhibition Hall.

You can book one-hour meetings for up to eight people can be booked.

The KPMG Meeting Zone is open from 8am – 6pm Monday 15  & Tuesday 16 May and  8am – 3pm on Wednesday 17 May.

Bookings can be made on-site at the Conference or in advance via the request form below.

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Meeting Zone Request Form

  • All Meeting room bookings are for 55 minutes. This allows for cleaning and tidying before the next meeting commences on the hour. We request that you respect these timings so the meeting zone can run on time and efficiently for all users. NB: The meeting Zone closes at 3.00pm on Wednesday 17 May due to the exhibition hall 'bump-out'

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