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Submissions are now closed. 

APPEA and the Conference Technical Program Committee invite you to participate in the historic 60th APPEA Conference and Exhibition—the largest annual upstream oil and gas event of its type in the southern hemisphere

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Submission Guidelines

We invite you to submit a proposal to be part of the technical program and share your Australian-based knowledge, experience and solutions with industry colleagues from around the world. A 250-word proposal is required for submission.  This will be used to determine which papers will be selected.

APPEA has a ‘no paper — no presentation’ policy, so your proposal must address how you wish to publish your paper; and how you wish to present it. Two formats are accepted for final publication—Peer‑reviewed Paper (~5000 words and unlimited figures) and Extended Abstract (<1500 words and <3 figures). You must also indicate which format you prefer to present your material – oral or poster. The Technical Program Committee will make the final decision as to presentation style.

Your proposal should inform the committee of the scope and content of the proposed paper—shorthand and dot point formats will not be accepted.

Proposals may present information about equipment and tools but must show the definite applications and limitations of such equipment and should avoid commercialism and extensive use of trade names. Proposals that are deemed to represent commercial advertising material (advertorials) will not be considered. One sure way to overcome this is to publish with an Operator co-author.

Please note, if your proposal (short abstract) is accepted it will be used in the 2021 Conference App and Registration Brochure unless advised otherwise.

Both Peer‑reviewed Papers and Extended Abstracts as well as your presentation material will be published in the historic 61st edition of the internationally acclaimed APPEA Journal, which will be available online.  It is critical to have all papers published prior to the conference, therefore, authors who do not submit their manuscripts by the due date (as shown in this Call for Papers) will be removed from the program and replaced by an alternate paper.

A photo and biography of the presenter (the person who will present in the technical session or poster area) must also be supplied with your proposal. See ‘submission requirements’.

Submission Process

Submit your proposal (short abstract) via the online portal via ScholarOne.

It is critical that prior to your submission you have read the how to submit step by step guide and the submission guidelines.

Please note that all company and joint venture clearance must be obtained. Any perceived problems concerning clearance of the final paper should be outlined when the paper proposal is submitted along with your plan to obtain all approvals prior to final paper submission. 


All presenters in the technical program must register for the APPEA Conference and Exhibition. A 20% discount is available to all presenters (Please see Submission Guidelines section for clarification of who the presenter is). Papers may be withdrawn from the Conference Program and APPEA Journal if presenters have not registered by Friday 16 April 2021.

Requirements for Submissions

The following requirements must be submitted via the online portal before the closing date 18 September 2020:

  • 250-word Paper Proposal (this is also called a Short Abstract)
  • Select whether you will be publishing as an Extended Abstract or a Peer-reviewed Paper – this is your choice)
  • Select your preference for presentation type: Oral presentation or Poster presentation. The final presentation type will lie with the Technical Program Committee
  • Photo of the presenter
  • Biography of the presenter

Topics and themes

The APPEA Conference is a multidisciplinary conference covering all areas of the upstream oil and gas industry.  During the submission process all authors will be required to allocate their abstract to one of the key streams: Business, Engineering or Geoscience. The themes for the oral and poster sessions are chosen by the Technical Program Committee based. This allows the sessions to be current to the needs and directions of the industry.

The below themes will make up the APPEA Conference and Exhibition Technical and Business Program.

  1. Climate Change Policy
  2. Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Decommissioning
  4. Diversity and Inclusion
  5. E&P
  6. Emissions Reduction
  7. Energy for All
  8. Energy Policy
  9. Gas Markets
  10. LNG
  11. Lower Oil Price
  12. Marketing and Communications
  13. R&D and Innovation
  14. Strategy
  15. Sustainability
  16. Technology
  17. The Industry in a post COVID-19 world

Review Process

The Technical Program Committee will review all submissions. These will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

  • your paper should be exclusive to the APPEA Conference and Exhibition, and not one that has been presented at another conference. Previous presentations can serve as the basis of your paper, but all papers must incorporate new and original material
  • the paper proposal should contain new knowledge or experience in a field of relevance
  • submissions discussing case studies are highly regarded
  • data in the paper proposal must be technically correct

Owing to the high number of submissions we expect to receive, we cannot guarantee that all papers will be accepted for presentation (approximately 120 proposals are accepted). Due to the competitive nature of the application to present and the necessity to plan many months in advance, the decision to withdraw a submission after it has been accepted is not viewed favourably by APPEA and the Committee and may impact on the acceptance of future submissions. We do, however, understand the uncertain nature of our business.

Publication of Papers

Since 2017, CSIRO Publishing has been working with APPEA to produce the annual APPEA Journal. CSIRO Publishing is an Australian-based and fully Australian-owned publisher, with content hosted locally and served to the world.  Content is published in print and online, with editorial standards and production methods at the forefront of e-publishing.



Dr Steve Mackie, APPEA Technical Program Committee Chairman and Editor of The APPEA Journal
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Daniela Dwyer, Events Manager, APPEA
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