How do I submit an abstract?
Please visit the ‘Call for Papers’ page here for instructions on how to submit your abstract. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Daniela Dwyer on +61 490 018 862 or [email protected]

When does the Call for Papers close?
Call for Papers is now closed.

Can I submit my abstract via email?
All papers must be submitted via the ScholarOne online portal. Click here to submit an abstract.

Is there a word limit for my abstract?
Yes, there is a word limit of 250 words. It is a guide, but in excess of this may not be read in its entirety. Brevity and concise information is the key!

Can I submit more than one abstract?
Yes, you are more than welcome to submit more than one abstract.

Can I submit my submission as a video?
No – submission of your abstract is required via the online portal.

My paper has multiple authors on it, can we all be listed as corresponding authors?
You will need to select one author to be nominated as the corresponding author, this person will receive all paper communication from CSIRO and APPEA. There will be the opportunity for the additional authors to be listed in the final paper so the whole team is recognized.

Who reviews my abstract?
The Technical Program Committee will review all submissions. The Committee is made up of industry peers who have proven experience in the respective fields covered by the topics proposed in the abstracts.The abstract/s will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:
– your paper should be exclusive to APPEA, and not one that has been presented at another conference. Previous presentations can serve as the basis of – – your paper, but all papers must incorporate new and original material
– the paper proposal should contain new knowledge or experience in a field of relevance submissions discussing case studies are highly regarded
– data in the paper proposal must be technically correct
NOTE: Abstracts that are deemed by the Committee to include marketing material or are be used as a vehicle to sell a specific product or to strongly promote a company, will not be considered.

My company is has been severely disrupted by COVID-19 and cannot meet the 18 September deadline. What are our options? We remain keen to present.
We understand that some individuals/companies have been disrupted by COVID-19, if you you wish to submit but will not meet the current deadline please contact Daniela Dwyer on +61 490 018 862 or [email protected] to discuss your situation. Each situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

When will I find out if my abstract has been accepted?
All author notifications will be sent via email to the corresponding author by Friday 30 October 2020.

Do I have to pay to attend the conference as a speaker?
Yes, you will be required to register and pay for the conference by Friday 16 April 2021. APPEA offers a discounted registration price for the presenting author of each paper; 20% off the early bird registration fee. NOTE: If you register later, the fee applied will include a 20% discount of the registration fee applicable at the time of registration.

Can we have two speakers present the Paper on site?
A dual presentation is permitted at the APPEA Conference, but only if permission is sought within 3 months of the event, the TPC Chairman and the APPEA Secretariat believes that the presentation will benefit from two presenters and that the session in question can accommodate the two presenters. From a time perspective, the same amount of time will be given to the paper (two presenters will split the time as they see fit) and only one representative will be able to be on stage for the Q&A session. Speakers gifts will issued to the extra presenter, subject to availability.