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Technical Papers Sponsor for the 2020 APPEA Conference




Coal fracturing through liquid nitrogen treatment: A micro-computed tomography study
H Akhondzadeh, A Keshavarz, F U R Awan, A Al-Yaseri, S Iglauer (Edith Cowan University) and M Lebedev (Curtin University)

Real-Time Integrated Process Monitoring Systems for Operational Guidance
K Alef, J Curry, R Malhotra and D Golczynski (Wood)

The Hayfield sandstone play: The characterisation of a mesoproterozoic sourced, proterozoic sandstone reservoired, tight oil and gas play in the Beetaloo Basin 
C Altmann, B Richards, A Cote, C Bein, E Baruch-Jurado and L Jenkinson (Origin)

The paleozoic prospectivity of the Browse Basin, Australia
S Amiribesheli (KUFPEC Australia), J Thorp (Searcher Seismic) and J Davies (Discover Geoscience)

A technology road map for the low carbon production of hydrocarbons
C Anderson (Worley)

Innovative digital inspection methodology
S Anderson (Intertek)

Shaping the Future workforce for the Oil and Gas sector
J Andrews, L Rolland and T Cotton (EY)

A Hydrogen Future?
J Arnott and N Leibbrandt (KPMG)

Implications of accurate geomechanical modelling and systematic core testing for sanding evaluation and sand control decisions – a case study from Perth Basin
S Asadi, A Khaksar (Baker Hughes GE), M Fabian, R Xiang (Mitsui), D Dewhurst and C Delle Piane (CSIRO Petroleum)

Impact of downward releases on the risk profile in hydrocarbon process plants
F Askari, C Crowley (SNC-Lavalin Inc) and H Kord (Advisian)

A novel approach of using silica nanoparticles in the proppant pack to fixate coal fines
F Awan, A Keshavarz, H Akhondzadeh and S Iglauer (Edith Cowan University)

Hydrogen innovation: discover development hotspots with patent landscaping
R Baddeley (Watermark)

Technical de-risking of a demonstration CCUS project for final investment decision in Australia
M Bagheri (CO2CRC), R Pevzner (Curtin University), C Jenkins (CSIRO), M Raab, P Barraclough, M Watson (CO2CRC) and T Dance (CSIRO)

Reducing cost of CCUS associated with natural gas production by improving monitoring technologies
M Bagheri (CO2CRC), S Ryan (Chevron Australia), D Byers and M Raab (CO2CRC)

IOGP Global Production Report and Production Indicator ©
A Checchi (IOGP)

Earthquake risk management for oil and gas infrastructures in North West of Australia
M Banimahd, S Tyler, M Kuo and F Chow (Woodside)

New insights into the stratigraphy of the Otway Basin
B Bendall (South Australia Department for Energy and Mining), A Forbes (Chemostrat Australia Pty), D Revie, R Eid, S Herley (Geological Survey of Victoria) and T Hill (South Australian Government)

Realising the value from next generation Integrated Operating Centres (IOC)
JC Bernardini, M Lyons, C Stewart and W Merchant (Boston Consulting Group)

SURFIM Network: The value of sharing of lessons learned on the industry’s longest running joint industry project regarding SURF facilities integrity management
A Botto (Wood)

Collaboration solves long standing corrosion problem
M Brameld (Woodside), S Thomas and G Malab (Monash University)

The impact of FIFO on the health and well-being of employees: What organisations can do to mitigate the risks and improve outcomes
E Brook (Murdoch University), M Freeman (Performance Science HPO) and G Ditchburn (Murdoch University)

A Unique Approach to community engagement – a GasFields Queensland Commission perspective
C Cassidy (GasFields Commission Queensland)

Use of machine learning on SCADA data for asset’s prognostics health management
A Cesa and E Press (KPMG)

The application of dynamic modelling technique on the pipeline drying operation during pre-commissioning
D Chen, A Duff and J Willcocks (Wood)

Australian Exploration Review 2019
I Cockerill (Risc Advisory)

Process safety “learning the hard way”
S Cooper (Advisian)

Mercury partitioning in oil and gas production systems – design optimisation and risk mitigation through advanced simulation
P Crafts and M Williams (Genesis)

Advancing Technology in oil and gas – collaboration and comparison with the space sector
J Crusan (Woodside)

Revolutionising confined space safety management – a case study
E Daher (Southern Cross University) and D Dowd (United Safety)

Redefining the Relationship Between the Oil Company and its Vendor
C Davies (BHP) T Allen, C Dempsey and K Mishra (Schlumberger)

Development of a highly automated mobile rig for the Australia CSG market
A de Mul (Huisman Equipment B.V.)

Turning the tide: The transformation of the North Sea
A del Maestro and C Stevens (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Thermal maturity and reservoir quality of the Velkerri Formation, Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Northern Territory.
C Delle Piane (CSIRO Petroleum), I Uysal, F Mohinudeen, Z Pan, J Bourdet, Z Li, M Raven and D Dewhurst (CSIRO)

A new generation of catalyst deactivation, removal and loading technology in the LNG industry
M Draca and S Tyszta (Santos)

A new concept for the extraction of gas from Permian ultra-deep coal seams of the Cooper Basin, Australia: Expanding Reservoir Boundary Theory
E Dunlop (The University of Adelaide)

The case for shared infrastructure to unlock resources
K Eberspaecher (Bengal Energy)

An interim structural elements map for the Central North West Shelf
C Elders (Curtin University), C Nicholson and S Abbott (Geoscience Australia)

The next generation of risk based inspection for CSG wells
J Everson (Wood) and S Collins (Origin)

Wettability measurements on two sandstones: An experimental investigation before and after CO<sub>2</sub> flooding
C Fauziah, E Al-Khdheeawi, A Barifcani (Curtin University) and S Iglauer (Edith Cowan University)

Smashing the stigma in mental health – the role of leaders in creating a psychologically safe environment
A Feringa and N Wentzel (The Jonah Group)

King Reef – an Australian first in repurposing oil and gas infrastructure to benefit regional communities
J Florisson, A Rowland (Recfishwest), E Harvey (Curtin University), M Allen (Subcon), S Watts (Recfishwest) and B Saunders (Curtin University)

Adjusting to working away and as an expatriate:  Learnings on what organisations can do to promote the mental health and well-being of workers and their families
M Freeman (Performance Science HPO)

Satellite Monitoring Of Fugitive Methane Emissions From Oil And Gas Facilities In Australia
JF Gauthier (GHGSat)

Deep Net Simulator (DNS): A new insight into reservoir simulation.
S Ghassemzadeh, M Perdomo, M Haghighi and E Abbasnejad (The University of Adelaide)

Creative steps to bring new gas supply to the south-east Australia domestic gas market – Sole after 42 years
E Glavas (Cooper Energy)

The role of carbon nanotube (CNT) in green enhanced oil recovery for Arabian crude oil in sandstone core
B Haq, D Al Shehri (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), A Al Damegh, A Al Muhawesh (Saudi Aramco), M Albusaad, M Lardhi, A Barri, A Iddris, M Aziz, N Muhammed (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals) and Z Hossain (University of Bahrain College of Engineering)

The role of supercritical CO2 in gas well health issue – liquid loading
B Haq (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), F Shehiwin (Saudi Aramco), D Al Shehri (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), J Liu (The University of Western Australia), E Mohammad, J Al Hamad, A Al-Ramadhan, A Iddris
and A Barri (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)

Exploring for the future – new frontier oil and gas in northern Australia
P Henson, D Robinson, L Carr, C Carson, D Edwards, C Boreham, A Jarrett, L Hall, S MacFarlane, C Southby, K Khider, B Bradshaw, A Bailey, J Anderson, T Palu, L Wang and E Grosjean (Geoscience Australia)

New insights into the organic geochemistry of the Otway Basin
T Hill, B Bendall (South Australian Government) and A Murray (Murray Partners PPSA)

CarbonNet progress towards a declaration of identified storage formation at the Pelican site, with a new high-resolution 3D seismic data
N Hoffman (Victoria Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources)

Software for quantitative prediction of hydrate blockage formation in gas condensate systems
J Holbeach and DV Penmesta (Wood)

Investigating the potential human health impacts of coal seam gas development at a study site in the Surat Basin in southern Queensland.
C Huddlestone-Holmes (CSIRO), S Rigby, S Van Niekirk, R Mackie (The University of Queensland) and A Walton (CSIRO)

A geochemical investigation into the resource potential of the Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson Basin and greater McArthur Basin, northern Australia
A Jarrett, A Bailey, C Boreham, T Palu, L Hall (Geoscience Australia), A Shannon, A Collins (The University of Adelaide), G Vinnichenko, J Brocks (Australian National University), Z Li (CSIRO), T Munson (Northern Territory Geological Survey), S Edwards (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy), L Carr and P Henson (Geoscience Australia)

Building an innovation culture and digital skills
S Kalms (Woodside)

Cost reductions through converting offshore platforms from permanently manned to manned-evacuated
M Keys (Atkins)

Auto-control model building using machine learning regression for extreme response prediction
D Leong and A Bahuguni (Lloyd’s Register)

Evaluating the sources and impact of new east coast gas supply
D Levy (Rystad Energy)

Elastic waves in porous media saturated with non-wetting fluid
J Li, R Rezaee (Curtin University), T Muller (Centro de Investigaci on Cient ca y de Educaci on Superior de Ensenada) and M Sarmadivaleh (Curtin University)

An application and subsequent benefits of digitalisation to pipeline engineering using a 3-D pipe-in-pipe bulkhead design project case study
N Lim and L Lim (Genesis)

Is hydrogen Asia’s new energy commodity? Opportunities and challenges for Australia
D Low, A Rodger, B Gallagher and P Sharma (Wood Mackenzie)

From diversity to inclusion
R Lyall (Woodside)

Impact of the stress state and the natural network of fractures/faults on the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing operations in the Goldwyer shale
P Mandal, R Rezaee (Curtin University) and J Sarout (CSIRO Australian Resources Research Centre)

NORM Inventory Forecast for Australian Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioned Assets and Radioactive Waste Disposal Pathways
S McKay, S Higgins (Curtin University) and P Baker (Wood)

The impact of oil and gas infrastructure in marine ecosystems: informing decommissioning decisions
D McLean (Australian Institute of Marine Science), T Bond,  J Partridge  (University of Western Australia) S Rouse (Scottish Association for Marine Science) and M Love (University of California Santa Barbara Marine Science Institute)

Lessons from five years of GISERA economic research
T Measham, R Marcos-Martinez, L Poruschi and D Fleming-Munozand (CSIRO)

The effect of marine seismic surveys on the movement, abundance and community structure of demersal fish assemblages on the North West Shelf, Australia
M Meekan, C Speed, R McCauley, J Semmens, S Newman, R Fisher and M Parsons (Australian Institute of Marine Science)

The CarbonNet Project – a case study of the use of marine assessments and advisory panels for stakeholder assurance
V Mendes Da Costa (Victoria Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions)

The CSIRO in-situ Laboratory in south western Australia: A field laboratory for de-risking carbon storage
K Michael, L Ricard, L Stalker, A Hortle (CSIRO Energy) and A Avijegon (GASS Petroleum Consulting)

Identifying pan-industry common contributors to major accident events
J Mitchell and A Turnbull (NOPSEMA)

Business Environment Review 2019
S Molyneux (Molyneux Advisors)

Outcome focused. How to deliver value in a field (re-) development. – A case study from the Cooper-Eromanga Basin, South Australia
S Molyneux, H Wu (Molyneux Advisors), S Delaney and A Gongora (Beach Energy)

Unlocking material gas resources – Moomba South case study
H Moriarty, J Clifford, J Donley and L Maxwell (Santos)

Hydrate risk management at end of field life: Opportunities to maximise recovery
S Morrissy, A Mortimer and P Nielsen (Wood)

A comparison of fractal methods for evaluation of hydraulic fracturing surface roughness
A Movassagh, X Zhang (CSIRO), M Haghighi (The University of Adelaide) and E Arjomand (CSIRO)

Creating a 3D image from 2D data using structurally conformable interpolation: A case study from the Beagle subbasin, NWS, Australia
S Notiyal and V Seesaha (TGS-NOPEC Geophysical)

The role of the tax system in a greener future
J O’Hare (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Management of well integrity risks: Understanding ageing facilities and inactive wells
D O’Keeffe (NOPSEMA)

The prospectivity of the late triassic intervals in the outboard Exmouth Plateau, Western Australia
T Paten (PGS Australia)

Working together to establish a world class mercury recovery facility for the Australian LNG industry
J Pittson (Woodside), J Kerferd (Contract Resources) and N Jones (Woodside)

Reducing methane losses across the gas value chain – Woodside journey to excellence
J Pittson, A Convery and I Kenwery (Woodside)

Standardization of procurement equipment specifications: Establishing a strong foundation for oil & gas capital project development and delivery
A Postema and T Fletcher (IOGP)

Real time integrity monitoring for oil and gas assets
M Purtino (Xodus Group)

Deploying hydrocarbon monitoring technologies in the 2019 NOFO Oil-on-Water field exercise
X Qi, M Mainson, E Crooke, I Hay, A Ross (CSIRO) and P Irving (Australian Maritime Safety Authority)

Production and Development Review 2019
M Quinn (IHS Markit)

Characterisation of Surat Basin Walloon interburden, and overlying Springbok Sandstone: A focus on methane adsorption isotherms, permeability and gas content.
S Raza, J Pearce, P Shukla, P Hayes and V Sedaghat (University of Queensland)

Verifying the extent of plumes from produced formation water: a Wheatstone case study.
T Robertson, P Young (AECOM Australia), A Driscoll (DHI Water and Environment), J Antenucci, T Elsdon and P de Lestang (Chevron Australia)

SIFP – A structured program designed to prevent serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace
G Robinson (TechnipFMC)

 The importance of ambient cure for high-temperature coatings
G Ross (AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Ltd)

Conformance control for production optimization using polymer nano-composite hydrogels
R Rudd, A Saeedi (Curtin University) and C Wood (CSIRO)

Application of machine learning methods to assess Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP) performance in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells
F Saghir, M Perdomo (The University of Adelaide) and P Behrenbruch (Bear and Brook Consulting)

Improving CO2 Storage and Oil Recovery by injecting Alcohol-treated CO2 
Saira, F Le-hussain (University of New South Wales)

The effect of gravity on the shape and direction of vertical hydraulic fractures
S Salimzadeh (CSIRO)

Comprehensive basin-wide 3D petroleum systems modeling providing new insights into proven petroleum systems and remaining prospectivity in the Exmouth Sub-basin, Australia
O Schenk (Schlumberger Oilfield UK PLC), C Dempsey, R Benson, M Cheng (BHP), S Tewari, A Karvelas and G Bancalà (Schlumberger Oilfield UK PLC)

Changes in multi-phase flow properties of carbonate porous media during CO2 injection
M Seyyedi, A Giwelli, C White, L Esteban, M Verrall and B Clennell (CSIRO)

Is there any room for gravity in petroleum exploration? Let’s open the door.
S Shevchenko (Curtin University)

From global upstream safety data to action
O Skår, M Carvalho (IOGP), K Walker (Schlumberger) and W Poore (IOGP)

Putting safety leadership thinking into practice
O Skår, M Carvalho (IOGP), S Robinson (BP) and T Anderson (Woodside)

Data driven update to industry Life-Saving Rules
O Skår, M Carvalho (IOGP), K Walker (Schlumberger), O Adeogun (Husky Energy) and K Pedersen (Equinor)

PCP tubing drain valves – operator savings illustration
P Smith (Baker Hughes)

Reconciling the marriage of renewables and gas in the Australian energy market
J Stabler (Energy Edge)

Evaluation of the Petrel Sub-Basin as a Northern Australia CO2 Store: Future decarbonisation hub?
L Stalker, D Dewhurst (CSIRO), Y Zhang, P Schaubs (CSIRO Mineral Resources), B Clennell (CSIRO), Y Suhardiman, A Maxwell (ENI Australia), F Masserano, F Boccuni, C Toscano and D Castano (ENI Milan)

Mapping traditional ecological knowledge of sea country to understand biodiversity and areas of cultural importance.
C Streten, H Davies, R Galaiduk (Australian Institute of Marine Science), T Lui Yuen and T Rangers (ENI Australia)

Multi-isotope studies investigating recharge and inter-aquifer connectivity in coal seam gas areas (QLD, NSW) and shale gas areas (NT)
A Suckow (CSIRO Land and Water), A Deslandes, S Lamontagne, D Mallants, A Taylor, C Wilske (CSIRO), S Smith (Stantec Inc), M Raiber (CSIRO Land and Water), K Meredith (ANSTO), PK Rachakonda, A Larcher (CSIRO Energy), P Wilkes (CSIRO), P Prommer, A Siade (University of Western Australia) and D Barrett (CSIRO Energy)

Shaping the decommissioning landscape of tomorrow
A Taylor (NERA)

The Digital Worker – How technology is enhancing safety and productivity in the field
K Taylor and T Walker (Broadspectrum)

Improving exploration efficiency in a frontier basin using CSEM
R Tharimela (EMGS ASA)

Digital innovation in subsea integrity management
R Thethi, D Vadel (Clarus Subsea Integrity), M Haning and E Tellier (2H Offshore Engineering)

Protecting past, present and progress: the reality of coexistence with national and world heritage properties
D Thomas (Woodside)

Dorado discovery – unlocking a major new oil and gas play in the Bedout Sub-basin
M Thompson (Santos)

The scalability challenge – pathways to future decarbonisation and the impact on the oil and gas industry
G Thompson (Wood Mackenzie)

Implementation of seismic data quality characterization using supervised deep learning
J Thorp (Searcher Seismic), K Davies (Discover Geoscience), J Bluteau (Searcher Seismic) and P Hoiles (Discover Geoscience)

Making upstream infrastructure collaboration happen
F Tibi, W Lanagan and W Merchant (Boston Consulting Group)

Can Australian LNG continue to be competitive?
D Toleman (Wood Mackenzie)

Performance evaluation of synthetic and natural polymers in nitrogen foam-based fracturing fluids in the Cooper Basin, South Australia.
T Tran, M Perdomo (The University of Adelaide), K Wilk, P Kasza (Oil and Gas Institute in Krakow) and K Amrouch (The University of Adelaide)

Strategies for obtaining ecological data to enhance decommissioning assessments
S van Elden, T Tothill and J Meeuwig (University of Western Australia)

The Lesueur Formation storage complex in South Western Australia: Safe, secure long-term storage of CO2
D van Gent (DMIRS), S Sharma (Carbon Projects), A Hortle and L Stalker (CSIRO Energy)

Santos energy solutions: Targeting a lower-carbon future and underpinning our sustainability
F Wademan (Santos)

Re-evaluation of depositional models for the lower Permian Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, South Australia: implications for petroleum exploration
C Wainman and P McCabe (The University of Adelaide)

Using machine learning to enhance operator performance
D Walker (Yokogawa) and R Byfield (KPC Advanced Technologies)

Lowering the cost of funds for exploration: the case for tax-based equity financing incentives
K Wee (Deloitte)

Decommissioning and rehabilitation: What’s tax got to do with it?
K Wee (Deloitte)

Learnings from Recent OPP Submissions
C Weller and N Kerp (Green Light Environmental)

Improving Industry Safety Via Real Collaboration: A Case Study from the Qld CSG Sector
M Zaunbrecher (Arrow Energy) and S O’Donnell (Safer Together)



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