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  1. APPEA 2022 Call for Papers

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    APPEA 2022 Call for Papers

    APPEA and the Conference Technical Program Committee (TPC) invite you to present at the largest annual upstream oil and gas event of its type in the southern hemisphere. Authors will contribute to the APPEA 2022 Conference and Exhibition, share their knowledge, experience, and solutions with industry colleagues from around the world. A 250-word proposal is required for submission. Your submission will be reviewed by the TPC to determine which papers will be selected to create the Technical and Business Program.

    For further information, key dates, submission requirements and guidelines, topics please and review criteria please download the Call for Papers Submission Guidelines

    23 AUGUST 2021

    Speakers from diverse backgrounds and experience are encouraged to apply, to present papers on a broad range of industry issues. Global and national perspectives are encouraged.

  2. Plenary Focus – ‘Russian Perspectives’ facilitated by Professor Garnett

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    Professor Andrew Garnett, Director of UQ Centre for Natural Gas, the University of Queensland hosts our international guest, Dr Tatiana Mitrova, Director, Skolkovo Energy Centre, Russia, on the challenges of delivering low emissions and the role of the industry as we move into a net-zero emissions future.

  3. Program In Focus– The APPEA Journal Launch

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    In our final day today, we are pleased to announce the most current edition of The APPEA Journal – the 2020 edition – is now available.

    The APPEA Journal has been documenting the state of the Australian upstream petroleum industry every year for the past 59 years.  The first APPEA Journal documented the 15 papers given at the inaugural conference held in Melbourne in 1961.

    Since then, The APPEA Journal has been published every year and documents the key technical and plenary presentations given at the annual APPEA Conference. We are pleased to announce that the most current edition of The APPEA Journal is now available.


  4. Call for Papers – Coming Soon!

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    As we look towards the APPEA Conference next year, we will shortly be launching the Call for Papers for inclusion in the 2021 edition of The APPEA Journal and for presentation in Perth.

    Please see below to hear from Steve Mackie, Chairman – APPEA Technical Program Committee for further information on the Call for Papers submission process and key dates.

    Our sincere thanks to Steve Mackie for his continued hard work and commitment to delivering a truly world-class set of Papers each year for the APPEA Conference and the Journal.

    For key dates and more information on the 2021 Call for Papers click here.



  5. PESA Year in Review – Now a webinar

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    The popular PESA Year in Review Session at the APPEA Conference always provides an insightful look back at the year that was.

    This year, all three speakers will share their presentations in a special event webinar to be held on 25 May at 4pm AEST / 2pm WST. Full details can be found here


  6. Drop into the APPEA Lounge

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    The APPEA Boulevard always leads to the APPEA Lounge where the APPEA team reside – and this year is no different.

    Be sure to reach out to the APPEA team who are here via phone or video link to assist you at all times with any queries relating to industry challenges and opportunities, the latest data and submissions, membership, key stakeholder and community engagement and online events.

  7. A hole in one? APPEA’s tips and tricks

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    If you’re disappointed (like we are!) that you’re missing some great golf as well as the APPEA Conference this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

    We asked PGA Professional Ben Williams for the insider’s tips on keeping up your form at home so you are well prepared to get back on the course in winning style.  Ben, a New Zealander living in Melbourne, has been a member of the PGA since 2011 and spent three years teaching before pursuing his playing career – playing on tours in Asia, the Middle East and Australasia. He has recently started Pinnacle Golf Tours, which facilitates and hosts tours to golfing destinations and events around New Zealand, Australia, United States and Europe.

    If you enjoy Ben’s tips below, you can get in touch with him directly on [email protected], call him on +61 429 928 570 or follow him on Instagram at @pinnaclegolftours.

    We look forward to seeing you on the course in 2021!


    Ben’s Top 5 Putting Tips & Drills at Home

    Putting fundamentals

    Everyone loves holing putts – it is a major key to improving your scores. All of the best putters in the world have the same outlook on how they can stay so good. They work to maintain the basic fundamentals of putting; ball position, alignment and consistency.

    If you can master all three, you can eliminate, or at least, minimise conscious or unconscious compensations during your putting stroke and which should improve strike, starting on line and distance control. These are the key elements to giving you the best opportunity to hole more putts. Ten minutes a day can go a long way to ingraining good habits. Drive for show, putt for dough!

    Here is what you can do at home to set yourself up back on the course.

    Putting stroke

    When putting, many golfers believe that accelerating through the ball (which is recommended!) means they should have a longer follow through than their backswing. Unfortunately, doing so often creates more putterhead speed AFTER striking the ball, causing impact and timing to be off, affecting distance control and starting line.

    What should be employed, is a more equidistant, or even slightly longer backswing with a follow through that promotes more of a ‘pop stroke’, with acceleration that ends quite quickly after impact.

    To help improve your stroke, give yourself a putt of approx. 10ft (3m), place a marker at an appropriate backswing distance and another at the same distance in front of the ball (follow through), and centre the ball between them. With the idea of having this distance as your desired length of swing, practice having maximum velocity at the point of impact and stopping at the forward mark, or short of it. Additionally, place a tee at the toe and heel of your putter for swing path control as well.









    Distance control

    Distance control is a huge key to holing more putts and lowering your score. Once this is mastered, we can choose the line of the putt and have more confidence in holing it.

    A very good drill to assist with distance control is to set yourself up in a hallway or lounge room (or a putting green if accessible) with a putt of approximately 25-30ft (7-9m).

    Using 3-5 balls, the idea is to putt your first ball to an aiming point and then putt each subsequent ball 1 or 2 feet beyond the previous one.











    This can be a scary part of the game for some people but if managed well, it need not be. By using our bigger muscles (chest and legs), along with our arms, we don’t have to rely on smaller muscles and can create better timing.

    By focussing on using our body to swing the club back and then using our body to turn through the ball, we can finish with the buttons of our shirt and belt buckle facing the target. Just remember to keep soft hands and allow hips to turn so posture remains, avoid too much forearm roll and alter your ball position to change the trajectory if needed.









    Full Swing – Eliminating the ‘sway’

    A common fault which can affect contact and clubface alignment issues is “swaying”. This means our weight transfer moving us ‘off the ball’ and leads to swing compensations (either conscious or unconscious).

    The following drill promotes a more centred contact, swing efficiency, and in turn better control and distance. Place 2 chairs either side of your hips. (Allow a small space either side). Then turn your chest and hips back and through in posture, without touching the chairs.










    Incorporate this with minimal forearm roll and you will improve distance and accuracy, meaning better scores and more fun!

    Master these tips and watch your game improve once we all get back out on the course! Please enjoy, stay safe and do not hesitate to get in contact with Ben regarding any of these tips, online lessons or to enquire with any tours you may be interested in at the details at the top of the article.

    Cheers, and happy golfing!

  8. Thank you to our Technical Program Committee

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    APPEA would like to send a sincere thanks to our Technical Program Committee who are all volunteers from the local industry.

    They have shown great commitment and have put in a stellar effort throughout the past 10 months to produce a technically excellent, world-class Journal.













    • Steve Mackie, Chairman APPEA Technical Program Committee
    • Deidre Brooks, WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
    • Bernadette Cullinane, Deloitte Consulting
    • Azad Hessamodini, Wood
    • Andrew Long, PGS
    • Jason Medd, APPEA
    • Nick Pink, Santos
    • Simon Price, BP
  9. Farewell Cocktails and all the way to 2021

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    Whilst we will have to wait to 2021 to share a drink at farewell cocktails – feel free to get into the spirit of our final day and prep yourself one! From the ‘mojito’ to the ‘mocktail’ – take your pick, mix and take a sip….

    We are already working away on developing an exceptional conference and exhibition experience for 2021.


  10. Plenary in Focus: Ticky Fullerton interviews Peter Coleman and Peter Bennett

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    Don’t miss this interview where renowned journalist Ticky Fullerton speaks with Peter Coleman, CEO and Managing Director of Woodside Energy and Peter Bennett, CEO and Managing Director of Clough. We hear their views on the industry’s response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the challenges facing the industry as it deals with low oil prices and what the future may hold for the oil and gas sector as we move towards a cleaner energy future.

    They discuss how the industry can work together to address the challenges and how they see us working our way through this difficult period.

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