APPEA 2018 – Presentation Profile

7 December 2017

APPEA’s diverse conference program features over 100 presentations exploring a wide range of topics of the oil and gas industry including Geoscience, Engineering and Business disciplines.

One technical program highlight will be the presentation The Effective Use of Data Analytics in an Advanced Compressor Performance and Degradation Monitoring System co-presented by Radika Rupasinghe (Origin) and Andy Jones (Xodus Group) on Wednesday 16 May, 3.35pm.

The Effective use of Data Analytics in an Advanced Compressor Performance and Degradation Monitoring System
Matthew Doyle (Xodus Group), Wesley Ford (Origin), Andy Jones (Xodus Group) and Radika Rupasinghe (Origin)

Origin is Upstream operator and joint venture partner in Australia Pacific LNG. Origin’s Integrated Gas operations require reliable, sustainable delivery of gas to the Downstream LNG facility on Curtis Island. This scale of operation requires the business to maximise the potential of the assets brought online, while maintaining a reliable compression process across the fleet to meet the high gas demand for downstream. To ensure this, the capability of monitoring the performance of centrifugal compressors is considered an essential component of production surveillance.

Xodus leveraged Origin’s PI system to deliver a compressor performance and degradation monitoring tool to accurately identify early indications of degradation in multi-stage centrifugal compressors. The tool utilises live data from PI data historian to calculate key performance variables and metrics which define compressor and driver performance. The use of dimensionless parameter analysis enables the operator to accurately quantify performance degradation regardless of variations in field operating conditions via Polytropic Efficiency and Polytropic Head deviation from baseline. This is then used in quantifying capacity losses, loss of suction pressure and additional power consumption attributed to degradation.
Develop and validate a compressor performance monitoring tool to quantify compressor performance in terms of efficiency and head losses and link this to rotating or stationery components within impellers.

Value Added
Ability to quantify efficiency and head losses, then link these to tangible impacts including capacity, plant suction pressure losses, and additional power consumption, to enable stronger decision-making and production planning by the business.


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